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Bringing order to chaos: Using Face and Pattern Recognition on Photo Archives

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Duration: 0:48:13 | Added: 04 Jul 2017
This talk explains how David has been using Face and Pattern Recognition on an otherwise undocumented photographic archive from Cameroon to identify patterns and connections between images. Similar approaches are possible online.

Although far from perfect they can help putting some order onto chaos. This is not the end of the research but an initial step: the real work is still ahead and that depends on the questions, the research topics one brings to the archive.
David Zeitlyn is Professor of Social Anthropology for the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Wolfson College

His research interests are anthropology of religion, especially divination, visual anthropology (photography), West/Central Africa (especially Cameroon); life writing; uses of technology, decision making processes and futurology, visualisation, archives, archiveology, anthropological studies of ICT and research methods.

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