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Book Launch: 'Citizens' Wealth'

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Duration: 0:24:50 | Added: 29 Sep 2016
Author Angela Cummine gives a brief overview of her book on Sovereign Wealth Funds: what they are, and who actually owns them.

Dr Cummine then explains some of the political disagreements that can occur when the state sees itself as the primary owner of sovereign wealth, rather than the agent of the people, who she argues, are the principal-owners of these assets. It is citizens therefore, who must enjoy meaningful control over and benefit from these assets. If sovereign funds are managed and used in a way that respects this vision of them as community funds holding citizens' wealth, they could be used for a whole range of laudable public policy goals, for example, to plug budget deficits and to tackle economic inequality. You can learn more about the book by clicking here: http://citizenswealth.net

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