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Beyond the 'asylum-seeking market': spaces of responsibility and moments of care within the privatisation of asylum accommodation

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Duration: 0:47:06 | Added: 27 Jan 2016
Jonathan Darling, University of Manchester, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series.

In this seminar I draw on my current research looking at how dispersal has worked across four UK cities historically, and how changes with the privatisation of provision has affected relations between asylum seekers and cities, between private providers and local authorities, and between local authorities and the Home Office. I will link to some of my past work around sanctuary, responsibility and generosity in terms of discussing spaces within cities that challenge the tensions of current governance structures and that enable different relations between asylum seekers and cities. Part of the story here is of the significance of local relations and contexts that are too readily ignored in top down dispersal processes and plans, so being able to speak across four different cities should enable some of these more hopeful stories to come to light.

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