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6. Europe in the World | The Europe’s Stories Podcast

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Duration: 0:56:12 | Added: 12 Oct 2021
Ana and Lucas speak with Marianna Lovato and Olivier de France, the team’s experts on foreign policy and international politics.

Our polls found that most Europeans want stronger European cooperation—but foreign policy does not rank highly among their priorities, even if they place significant emphasis on Europe as a community of values. Is the EU an anti-geopolitical actor? Should it be a superpower, and if so, which kind? What are the new stories we need to connect the politics of European security with the concerns of Europeans today? This episode was hosted by Ana Martins and Lucas Tse, and edited by Billy Craigan. Huge thanks to the Europe’s Stories team. To view the show notes and to find more information about The Europe’s Stories Podcast, check out europeanmoments.com/podcast.

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