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Writer, doctor and champion of evidence-based medicine, Dr Ben Goldacre (Magdalen, 1992)

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Duration: 0:15:27 | Added: 17 Nov 2015
Dr Ben Goldacre – author of the bestsellers Bad Science and Bad Pharma – dissects what is wrong with modern medicine and argues for better evidence-based medicine in this podcast.

He describes his latest projects, including an Ebola trials tracker, to improve the transparency of clinical trials. Dr Goldacre explains his research at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences’ Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, part of Oxford University. He also refers to structural challenges facing medicine and highlights the lack of funding for evidence-based projects.
The self-confessed ‘stats geek’, who studied medicine at Magdalen College at Oxford University, describes how he was inspired by his enthusiastic tutors during his studies. The doctor, academic, campaigner and writer also counsels against so-called miracle cures.

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