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Why immigration detention is a form of punishment

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Duration: 0:11:42 | Added: 18 Apr 2017
In this talk Prof Mary Bosworth explores the daily experiences of the people held in immigration detention.

Prof Bosworth's (2012 - 2017) ERC grant, ‘Subjectivity, Identity and Penal Power’, seeks to develop new methodological and intellectual tools in understanding the global and transnational reach of penal power and to revitalize the literature on subjectivity and identity in criminology. In addition to leading a series of linked empirical studies on immigration detention in the UK, France and Greece, Mary has created the interdisciplinary, international network and website Border Criminologies, which has given its name to a whole new subfield of the discipline.

Mary Bosworth is Professor of Criminology and Fellow of St Cross College and, concurrently, Professor of Criminology at Monash University, Australia. She is Assistant Director of the Centre for Criminology and Director of Border Criminologies, an interdisciplinary research group focusing on the intersections between criminal justice and border control.

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