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Why is contemporary Africa poor: insights from archaeology and deep history

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Duration: 0:18:44 | Added: 11 Feb 2020
Professor Shadreck Chirikure, University of Cape Town, gives a talk for on using archaeology to learn about present day Africa.

Prof Shadreck Chirikure is a British Academy Global Professor. For the tenure of his Fellowship, he is based at the School of Archaeology in Oxford. Great Zimbabwe and Mapungubwe are iconic World Heritage sites of great national and international importance, but our understanding of the economies and networks that underpinned them remains surprisingly incomplete. Even the chronological sequence of development is outdated. This makes it impossible to track socio-economic, environmental and technological contexts associated with the rise, resilience and collapse of these significant early state formations. Shadreck’s research aims to illuminate material, biological and trade exchanges occasioned by Africa’s interaction with itself, and with the outside world, using up to date science-based approaches. The outcomes will enhance understanding of national heritage and roots through education in Africa and beyond.

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