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What have the Arab Uprisings done to "Contemporary Arab Thought"?

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Duration: 0:58:16 | Added: 23 Jan 2024
Professor Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab offers some reflections on the challenges that a post-2011 Arab critique might be facing.

What have the Arab Uprisings done to "Contemporary Arab Thought"? It is an undisputable fact that the Arab uprisings since 2011 have been a most dramatic turn in the Arab region since the founding of the modern Arab states: an unexpected and explainable event that continues to impact Arab life on all levels, including the intellectual. In my talk I look at the new light that that event might have shed on was/is known as "contemporary Arab thought," the aspects of continuity and discontinuity that it might have revealed about that thought? I ask to what extent we, inhabitants of that region, are still contemporaries of that thought? And to what extent that "contemporary Arab thought" was contemporaneous to the societies it came from?
Guest Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab (Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar)

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