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Wartime Oxford - June 1943 and 1944

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Duration: 0:02:13 | Added: 12 Apr 2024
Archive film of Oxford from June 1943 and June 1944

Embark on a journey through time with this third extraordinary compilation of Oxford wartime footage, offering a glimpse into Oxford's bustling shopping streets in June 1943 and June 1944. Witness the US army film footage showing the camaraderie of soldiers as they stroll along Cornmarket and High Street, the streets busy with shoppers, army vehicles and delivery vans. Then, immerse yourself in the unique 1944 tourist footage, captured on 16mm film by honeymooners, showing the Randolph Hotel and the High Street in the pivotal days around D-Day. This rare collection offers a poignant window into everyday Oxford life amidst the chaos of war, inviting you to experience the resilience and spirit of Oxford during one of its most pivotal moments.

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