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Urbanisation in China and Africa

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Duration: 0:29:21 | Added: 22 Jan 2022
Can Africa learn from the Chinese urbanisation project? In the next 30 years, African cities need to make zoom for roughly 500 million more citizens, roughly tripling the current urban population.

This offers great opportunities for growth and prosperity, but also significant challenges for public policy. China is the only other place in the world to have experienced a similar urbanisation challenge. This project seeks to understand how the successes and limitations of China’s experience could inform urbanisation challenges currently being faced in Africa and how to design policies that harness the full economic potentials of cities.

Astrid Haas (independent urban economist, currently based in Kampala, Uganda)
Sebastian Kriticos (transport and infrastructure economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Nicolas Lippolis (PhD Candidate and Research and Policy Officer at the CSAE, Department of Economies).

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