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Unmaking the ocean

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Duration: 0:46:51 | Added: 26 Oct 2018
This talk will discuss elements of a research project that explores the evolution of the law of the sea over the course of the 20th century

It will focus on the emergence of the seabed as an area of political, economic and technological interest, and trace its subjection to national and international regimes. Calling attention to the legally constructed imaginary of the seabed as a space distinct from the above water, the talk will re-examine views of both the ocean and the law, which are commonly held, and presented as natural and therefore necessary. Suggesting instead a greater focus on the contingencies and false contingencies informing the development of the law, the talk will join a small but growing literature on the unnatural history of the sea.

About the Speaker:

Surabhi Ranganathan is a University Lecturer in Law and a Fellow of King's College at the University of Cambridge.

She is also a fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre and the author of Strategically Created Treaty Conflicts and the Politics of International Law (CUP 2014). With an interest in the history of international law, natural resources and distribution, her current work focuses on the law of the sea and global commons.

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