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Nuffield Department of Population Health

Series associated with Nuffield Department of Population Health

Public Health and Epidemiology (Richard Doll Seminars)
Science with Sanjula
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Understanding the impact of diet on health - Dr Keren Papier Have you wondered why something like red wine can be good for you according to one scientific paper, but bad for you in another? In this podcast, Dr Keren Papier explains how diet affects our health and why it is difficult to get accurate answers. Sanjula Singh, Keren Papier 20 Feb 2023
5 Reducing the risk of self-harm and suicide - Professor Keith Hawton Professor Keith Hawton discusses how we can help to prevent people from self-harming and dying by suicide at both an individual and population level. Keith Hawton, Sanjula Singh 01 Feb 2023
4 Tackling racism and inequalities in healthcare - Dr Mehrunisha Suleman Dr Mehrunisha Suleman talks about why tackling racism and inequalities in health and healthcare is so important, drawing on her research and experiences. Mehrunisha Suleman, Sanjula Singh 01 Feb 2023
3 Creative Commons Halving premature death - Professor Sir Richard Peto Professor Sir Richard Peto describes half a century of research seeking moderate reductions in big causes of death. Sanjula Singh, Richard Peto 01 Feb 2023
2 Richard Doll: his revolutionary life Conrad Keating, biographer of Richard Doll, lectures on the life of the cancer epidemiologist and lifelong socialist who contributed much to our understanding of the effects of smoking and changed the way we regard smoking and public health. Conrad Keating 28 Apr 2009
1 Chris Patten on Politics and Public Health Lord Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, discusses his political perceptions of epidemiology in the UK, and in developing and emerging countries. Chris Patten 23 Apr 2009