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Two Visions of the International Rule of Law

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Duration: 0:33:35 | Added: 22 Feb 2021
Professor Monica Hakimi, University of Michigan, gives a talk for the PIL discussion series.

When we speak of the rule of law, we generally mean to describe the attributes that make law, as an enterprise, worthwhile--the qualities that lead us to aspire to live in a society governed by law. Though international lawyers commonly invoke the concept, we have devoted little attention to explaining what it entails or how it translates to the international plane. This lecture will begin to fill that gap by presenting two distinct visions of the international rule of law. Each vision captures something important about law, but they are in certain respects incompatible. And while one already informs much of the thinking on international law, the second, which has largely been overlooked, might provide a more suitable framework for evaluating when and why international law is worthwhile.

Monica Hakimi is the James V. Campbell Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Faculty and Research at the University of Michigan Law School. Her research focuses on how international law operates and adapts to contemporary challenges, particularly in the contexts of national and human security.

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