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Trevor Hughes

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Duration: 1:24:39 | Added: 25 Aug 2021
Interview with Trevor Hughes, neuropathologist and fellow of Green Templeton College, conducted by Derek Hockaday, 2015.

Topics discussed included: (00:00:17) Hughes coming to Oxford from Stoke Mandeville in 1957; (00:05:12) how Stoke Mandeville and Oxford hospitals compared to each other, distinctions between Oxford hospitals; (00:07:18) changes in Oxford hospitals as a result of the creation of NHS in 1948, comparing Oxford to Manchester in the 1940s; (00:10:04) moving to neuropathology over haematology; (00:14:38) John Spalding; (00:18:12) neuropathology during the the Second World War, memories of staff colleagues including Peter Daniel and Sabrina Strich, more on John Spalding; (00:33:05) Honor Smith; (00:40:16) change of techniques in neuropathology over time, working in field; (00:44:30) balancing consultancy, teaching and tutor for post-graduate medicine in Oxford; (00:48:18) neurosurgeons including Joe Pennybacker, Hugh Cairns and Walpole Lewin, other Nuffield Professors; (00:59:10) committees and the university including the Nuffield Committee for Medical Research and the Clinical Medicine Board; (01:08:13) working with Richard Doll; (01:18:56) researching of the spinal cord, publication; (01:21:35) neuropathology and the John Radcliffe Hospital. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:16:38-00:17:01; 00:18:55-00:19:07; 00:26:19-00:29:14; 00:31:37-00:31:47; 00:56:45-56:59; 01:11-01:13:21; 01:14:37-01:15:22; 01:22:17-01:24:00.

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