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Stomach is the Monarch

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Duration: 0:03:03 | Added: 16 Oct 2017
A song about how Victorians saw the conversation between the gut and mood, based on research by Dr Emilie Taylor-Brown at the University of Oxford

We often use language to describe emotions with words related to food, and you often hear people linking mood with food, but getting hangry is far from a modern thing; Victorians had already made these connections. This song explores this gut:brain conversation from the perspective of Victorian literature. This song was written by Jonny Berliner in collaboration with Dr Emilie Taylor-Brown who works in the English Faculty at the University of Oxford, as part of the 'Diseases of Modern Life' project. To learn more about the research visit: https://www.diseasesofmodernlife.org/ and follow on Twitter @diseasesmodlife and @DrETaylorBrown.

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