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The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

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Duration: 0:58:23 | Added: 27 Oct 2015
Peter Frankopan discusses his new book with Averil Cameron, Robert Moore and Elleke Boehmer

Peter Frankopan (Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, University of Oxford) discusses his book The Silk Roads: A New History of the World with Averil Cameron (Former Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History, University of Oxford) and Robert Moore (Emeritus Professor of History, Newcastle University). The discussion is introduced and chaired by Elleke Boehmer (Acting TORCH Director and Professor of World Literature, English)

*About the book*

Peter Frankopan's book is a major reassessment of world history, and is an important account of the forces that have shaped the global economy and the political renaissance in the re-emerging east. For centuries, fame and fortune was to be found in the west – in the New World of the Americas. Today, it is the east which calls out to those in search of adventure and riches. The region stretching from eastern Europe and sweeping right across Central Asia deep into China and India, is taking centre stage in international politics, commerce and culture – and is shaping the modern world.

"The time is ripe for this new history of the world, which places the emphasis firmly on the east, from eastern Europe to India and China. A journey along the Silk Road, from the birth of the world's ancient religions to contemporary international politics." Daily Telegraph

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