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Session 6

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Duration: 1:25:26 | Added: 09 Aug 2016
Sixth session in the Perceptions of Inequality: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, held in Oxford in June 2016.

Final discussion amongst the participants. Full list of participants; Participants:

Professor Ashwini Deshpande (Economics, University of Delhi)
Professor Roger Crisp (Philosophy, University of Oxford)
Professor Emeritus Diane Elson (Sociology, University of Essex)
Professor Devaki Jain (Economics, University of Delhi)
Francesca Rhodes (Gender Policy Advisor, Oxfam)
Professor Linda McDowell (Human Geography, University of Oxford)
Dr Martin O’Neill (Politics, University of York)
Professor Lloyd Pratt (English, University of Oxford)
Professor Elleke Boehmer (English, University of Oxford)
Dr. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy (Research Director, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development)
Professor Emeritus Anthony Heath (Sociology, University of Oxford)
Dr. Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington (Social Psychology, LSE)
Dr. Tarunabh Khaitan (Law, University of Oxford)

Postgraduate Commentators:

Andrew Dean (DPhil candidate in English Literature, University of Oxford)
Charlotte Jacob-Maguire (MSc candidate in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford)
Louisa Layne (DPhil candidate in English Literature, University of Oxford)
Vanessa Lee (DPhil candidate in Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford)
Nikhil Pandhi (MPhil candidate in Archaeology, University of Oxford)
Mia Pistorius (DPhil candidate in Musicology, University of Oxford)
Anna Sarkissian (DPhil candidate in Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford)
Kelly Tse (DPhil candidate in English Literature, University of Oxford)

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