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Sermon on Indulgences

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Duration: 1:10:59 | Added: 02 May 2018
Relay Reading for the Launch of the 'Sermon von Ablass und Gnade' in the Taylor Editions.

In spring 1518, Martin Luther published the 'Sermon on Indulgences and Grace', a short German version of his 95 Theses – and with it, the Reformation went viral. Exactly 500 years later, a new edition was launched at the Taylor Institution where two copies of this seminal texts are held. The podcast series comprises the introductory talks on the new website for the Taylor Editions, and on the theology, printing history, language and style of the text, followed by a full reading of the text in the original German by staff and students.
0:01:39 Taylor Editions: Launch of the Website editions.mml.ox.ac.uk by Emma Huber
0:04:53 The 95 Theses and the Sermon on Indulgences and Grace: Introduction to the Theological Background by Martin Kessler
0:26:25 A Tale of Two Printers: Introduction to the Publication History of the Sermon on Indulgences and Grace by Henrike Laehnemann
0:34:53 The Taylorian copies of the Sermon on Indulgences and Grace: Introduction to the Acquisition History by Christina Ostermann
0:42:15 Language and Style: Introduction to the Linguistic Features of the Sermon on Indulgences and Grace by Howard Jones
0:58:58 Sermon on Indulgences and Grace: Relay Reading of the German Text
0:59:00 1 Ritchie Robertson
0:59:38 2 Emma Huber
0:59:48 3 Jack Stuart
1:00:21 4 Johanneke Sytsema
1:00:44 5 Molly Ford
1:01:00 6 Martin Kessler
1:01:48 7 Florence Butterfield
1:02:24 8 Andrew Allen
1:02:40 9 Jennifer Bunselmeier
1:03:36 10 Felix Kraft
1:04:10 11 Eleanor Voak
1:04:39 12 Elsa Voak
1:04:53 13 Charles Russ
1:05:23 14 Jenny Russ
1:05:53 15 Olivia Kobiela
1:06:12 16 Linus Ubl
1:07:04 16 Rudolf Smend
1:08:16 17 Kathrin Luddecke
1:08:45 18 Christina Ostermann
1:09:09 19 Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
1:09:25 20 Henrike Laehnemann

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