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Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia: Oxford ARUK Public Open Day

Short talks on Alzheimer's, Dementia, current treatments and latest research, recorded at the Academic Centre, JR Hospital, Oxford

# Episode Title Description People Date
7 Welcome and Introduction Principal Investigator, Richard Wade Martins, gives a brief introduction to the work of the Oxford Alzheimer's Research UK Network Richard Wade Martins 21 May 2015
6 Creative Commons Funding World Class Dementia Research An overview on Dementia and why Alzheimers Research UK is here Emma O'Brien 21 May 2015
5 Creative Commons Using Stem Cells to Understand Dementia Dr Angela Bithell of Reading University explains the importance of Stem Cells in trying to understand Dementia and finding new treatments Angela Bithell 21 May 2015
4 Creative Commons Biomarkers: Detecting Alzheimer's Early Enough to Treat it. What are Biomarkers? And why are they useful in Alzheimer's Disease Research. Alejo Nevado-Hogado 21 May 2015
3 Join Dementia Research: Help Beat Dementia A short overview of 'Join Dementia Research', a national service in collaboration with Alzheimer's Research UK, Alzheimer's Society & the National Institute of Health Research. Jennifer Potts 21 May 2015
2 Creative Commons Gait or Cognition: The Chicken or Egg Story Movement and exercise and it's relation to thinking and cognition. Helen Dawes 21 May 2015
1 Creative Commons Translating Image from the Research Lab to the Clinic How imaging is used in translational neuroscience. Clare Mackay 21 May 2015