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Undergraduate Admissions (PodOxford)

You've heard the rumours, you've heard the gossip. Now find out for yourself what the University of Oxford is all about. Be a fly on the wall when Mike Nicholson, Oxford's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, chats with students and staff from around the University about courses, colleges, what to put on the application form and how best to prepare for the Oxford interview.

# Episode Title Description People Date
14 Is Oxford for me? In the first episode, Mike talks to Emma and Sinead, who work in the University's Access team. They talk about work, their experiences as students and how they chose their university. Mike Nicholson, Emma Coulston, Sinead Gallagher 11 May 2007
13 Student life at Oxford Current Oxford students describe their typical day as a student. They discuss the amount of work and how they get it done, and they give us a glimpse of their lives beyond lectures, books and essays. Mike Nicholson, Dawn Rennie, Gareth Duxbury 12 Jun 2007
12 The personal statement on the UCAS form Three Oxford tutors talk to Mike what they do and don't like to read in a personal statement, and what they actually do with the information which students provide. Mike Nicholson, Richard Earl, Steve Roberts, Lucinda Rumsey 26 Jun 2007
11 Choosing a College Applying to Oxford means applying to a college. So what do you do? Two current students tell their story and reveal what effect college choice actually has on your application. Mike Nicholson, Dawn Rennie, Gareth Duxbury 11 Jul 2007
10 Making an application - tutors give tips Three tutors bust some myths about making successful applications to Oxford. Why playing games with college or course choice are unlikely to help. What students can do to prepare for an Oxford application. Mark Mulholland, Catherine Holmes, Helen Christian 30 Jul 2007
9 International students If you want to apply to Oxford from abroad, there are a number of extra questions you may have: James Tibbert from Oxford’s International Office is on hand to give some advice. James Tibbert 20 Aug 2007
8 International interviews Tutors Richard Earl and Helen Charlesworth, who will be travelling to India to interview international applicants, give an insight on what's going to happen and how best to prepare for it. Richard Earl, Helen Charlesworth 26 Sep 2007
7 The Oxford interview - History tutors tell all History tutors Mark Mulholland and Catherine Holmes explain the whys and wherefores of the Oxford interview, and give tips on how best to prepare. Mark Mulholland, Catherine Holmes 24 Oct 2007
6 The Oxford interview - Medicine Biomedical tutors Helen Christian and Robert Wilkins explain the whys and wherefores of the Oxford interview, and give tips on how best to prepare for the medicine interview. Helen Christian, Robert Wilkins 31 Oct 2007
5 The Oxford interview - Law Law tutors Liora Lazarus and Ben Goold explain the whys and wherefores of the Oxford law interview, and what candidates can expect to happen at the interview. Liora Lazarus, Ben Goold 12 Nov 2007
4 The Oxford interview – Biology Biology tutors Martin Speight and Mike Bonsall explain the whys and wherefores of the Oxford biology interview, how candidates can best prepare, and they also have a word of advice for those who are unsuccessful. Martin Speight, Mike Bonsall 04 Apr 2008
3 The Admissions Office Mike Nicholson introduces the Admissions office podcasts and talks about the support available to help potential students apply to Oxford. Mike Nicholson 03 Oct 2008
2 The Oxford interview - Open Days What happens at an Oxford University Open Day? Mike Nicholson talks to Ruth Gull and Peter Williams both of whom have been involved with running Open Days. Mike Nicholson, Ruth Gull, Peter Williams 18 Mar 2009
1 Creative Commons Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry at Oxford: a guide for prospective undergraduate students This light-hearted talk gives you the chance to hear three admissions tutors discuss what you can expect from their courses, and what the tutors are looking for when they select students. Martin Speight, Mark Wormald, Nick Green 04 Mar 2013