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Unconscious Memory

‘What is the unconscious? Where is it? How does it affect our conscious experiences? The Unconscious Memory Network is a new forum where humanists and neuroscientists can discuss and exchange their research findings on diverse aspects of the unconscious, in particular unconscious memory.

# Episode Title Description People Date
9 Creative Commons And all this time it dwells behind the door Annie Freud, the award-winning poet and artist, will talk about where her poems come from, her development as an artist and writer, and the relationship between her poems and paintings. Annie Freud, Sowon Park 04 Jul 2016
8 Creative Commons Authenticity Three speakers examine Authenticity in the 8th Unconscious Memory seminar. Andrew Parker, Hannah Drayson, Matthew Reynolds 04 Jul 2016
7 Significant Form Semir Zeki gives a presentation entitled; The Neurobiology of Beauty, and Gerhard Lauer gives a talk entitled, Is there an Aesthetic Experience in this Experiment? The Chair is Professor Andrew Parker. Semir Zeki, Gerhard Lauer, Andrew Parker 18 Mar 2016
6 The Unconscious: a Concept or a Metaphor? Andrew Mayes, and Angus Nicholls, give a talk for the Unconscious Memory seminar series. Andrew Mayes, Angus Nicholls 02 Nov 2015
5 Proustian Memory Professor Gordon Shepherd (Yale) ‘Reassessing Mechanisms of Autobiographical Memory’ and Dr Kirsten Shepherd-Barr (St Catherine’s, Oxford) ‘Madeleines and Neuromodernism’. Chaired by Dr Sowon Park (Corpus Christi, Oxford) Gordon Shepherd, Kirsten Shepherd-Barr 04 Jun 2015
4 Creative Commons Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis Richard Brown( Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Dalhousie University) and Mark Solms (Chair of Neuropsychology, University of Cape Town) give the fourth talk in the Unconscious Memory series. Richard Brown, Mark Solms 07 May 2015
3 Priming Professor Masud Husain and Dr Ben Morgan give the third Unconscious Memory talk. Masud Husain, Ben Morgan 18 Feb 2015
2 Unconscious Memory and Mental Space Professor Michael Burke and Dr Sebastian Groes give the second Unconscious Memory talk. Michael Burke, Sebastian Groes 18 Feb 2015
1 Exploring the Two Cultures Professor Larry Squire and Dr Simon Kemp give the first Unconscious Memory Seminar. Larry Squire, Simon Kemp 18 Feb 2015