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UK Climate Impacts Programme Training

Training videos the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) which helps organisations to adapt to inevitable climate change. While it's essential to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of past emissions will continue to be felt for decades.
These podcasts will show you what climate change means, how to use the online resources and tools which UKCIP have provided to measure the impact of climate change on the UK and the importance for businesses and local authorities to adapt to climate change

# Episode Title Description People Date
7 Creative Commons Introduction to the UK Climate Impacts Program Chris West, Director of the UK Climate Impacts Program, gives an introduction to UKCIP, its history and the reason why it stresses the importance of climate change adaptation, rather than climate change mitigation. Chris West 08 Apr 2010
6 Creative Commons Climate Science Alastair Brown explains what climate science is, what the difference between weather and climate, how the scientists model the climate and what range of factors are considered in modelling climate. Alastair Brown 08 Apr 2010
5 Creative Commons How can you adapt? Some climate change is inevitable, Megan Gawith talks about the need for organisations and individuals to adapt to climate change. Megan Gawith 08 Apr 2010
4 Creative Commons Business Kay Johnstone talks about why climate change is an issue as much for businesses as it is for governments and also some of the ways in which businesses can adapt to climate change. Kay Johnstone 08 Apr 2010
3 Creative Commons Local Authorities Laurie Newton talks about the need for local authorities to adapt to climate change and some of the resources which are available to help Local Authorities understand adaptation. Laurie Newton 08 Apr 2010
2 Creative Commons UKCP 09 - UK Climate Projections 2009 Richard Lamb gives an introduction to the history of climate projections in the UK, he also describes the different levels of information available to organisations and individuals through UKCP 09. Richard Lamb 08 Apr 2010
1 Creative Commons The UKCIP user interface Tom Wilson gives an introduction to the UK Climate Impacts Program user interface, where individuals are able to create climate future projections for different areas of the UK. He also demonstrates how the user interface works. Tom Wilson 08 Apr 2010