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Translational Health Sciences

Turning innovations into practical solutions for healthcare needs is an imperative – and one that can only become more urgent as demands on health systems increase. Our key focus in this series is the ‘downstream’ phases of translational health sciences – the human, organisational and societal issues that impact on the adoption, dissemination and mainstreaming of research discoveries.
Talks are taken from the Oxford Translational Health Sciences Programme and delivered by leaders in the field of Translational Health Care.

# Episode Title Description People Date
9 Politics, Innovation and Change: The Path to Net Zero Professor Nick Watts explores net zero in the context of health care. Nick Watts 03 Apr 2024
8 Creative Commons Social enterprisers and their role in addressing future challenges Adopting a critical perspective, Dr Orsolya Ihasz outlines what makes social enterprisers valuable, and how could they contribute to the creation of important services and products to marginalised and disenfranchised communities. Orsolya Ihasz 12 Dec 2023
7 Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Resource-Constrained Settings: A Case Study of Ghana Dr Brian Adu Asare discusses Health Technology Assessment (HTA) using Ghana as a case study. Brian Adu Asare 12 Dec 2023
6 Creative Commons What kind of a problem is loneliness? Studying technology to understand policy concerns This talk by Dr Gemma Hughes is intended to show how problems, such as loneliness, can be understood and researched in multiple ways. Gemma Hughes 12 Dec 2023
5 Knowledge for bright ideas – how research can support innovative health systems Guest lecturer Dr Nick Fahy is a research group director for health and wellbeing at RAND Europe, where he oversees research in such areas as health systems and healthcare innovation, and the behavioural and social determinants of health and wellbeing. Nick Fahy 07 Mar 2022
4 Justice and the Egalitarian Research Imperative In his new book, 'For the Common Good: Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics' (Oxford University Press), Prof Alex John London argues that there is a moral imperative to carry out research with human subjects... Alex John London 18 Feb 2022
3 Using theory, evidence and person-based co-development to improve infection control during COVID-19 Until a vaccine can prevent COVID-19, protective behaviours (such as social distancing, handwashing, cleaning/disinfecting) must be used to limit the spread. Ben Ainsworth 17 Dec 2021
2 Health Technology Assessment: Global alignment of systems, stakeholders and emerging trends This talk will introduce and explore, the global mechanisms and initiatives that align process, strategy and methodology for Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Neil Bertelsen 17 Dec 2021
1 'Why would anyone hesitate to help kids with cancer?' or: understanding competing perspectives on innovations 'Homebound' students are unable to attend school for health-related reasons. To lessen their predicament, schools have begun experimenting with 'telepresence robots' for remote participation. Lars Johannessen 04 Nov 2021