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Translational and Clinical

Translational and Clinical Medicine is the ongoing effort to bring basic science from the bench to the patient, as well as to elucidate safety and effectiveness of the medicines on which we depend. The NDM podcasts on translational and clinical medicine detail our work in this wide-ranging field, from the identification and design of new medicines to clinical trials and trial design and regulation.

# Episode Title Description People Date
24 Creative Commons Why we work on Alzheimer’s disease Housed within the Target Discovery Institute, the Alzheimer’s Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute (ODDI) juxtaposes drug discovery expertise alongside scientific and academic understanding of patients, disease mechanisms and model systems. John Davis 30 Nov 2016
23 X-rays for drug discovery Dr Frank von Delft works to ensure that X-ray structures can serve as a routine and predictive tool for generating novel chemistry for targeting proteins. Frank von Delft 28 Apr 2016
22 Creative Commons Tracking infections Professor Derrick Crook from our Experimental Medicine division tells us about his research on tracking infections Derrick Crook 08 Feb 2017
21 Creative Commons X-rays for drug discovery Professor Frank von Delft works to ensure that X-ray structures can serve as a routine and predictive tool for generating novel chemistry for targeting proteins. Frank von Delft 23 Sep 2016
20 Creative Commons From information to structure Dr Brian Marsden aims to make structural and chemical biology data accessible to non-experts, by providing computational resources including data management, sample tracking, in silico modelling support plus provision of public access to SGC data. Brian Marsden 02 Jun 2016
19 Creative Commons Unravelling proteins Dr Nicola Burgess-Brown heads the Biotechnology Group at the SGC, which generates proteins suitable for structural and functional studies. Nicola Burgess-Brown 28 Apr 2016
18 Creative Commons Targeting drug discovery The development of new medicines is dependent on the identification of novel drug targets. Kilian Huber 28 Apr 2016
17 Creative Commons Understanding growth signals Growth hormones and cytokines regulate the key physiological processes of growth and differentiation as well as responses to injury and infection. Alex Bullock 27 Apr 2016
16 Creative Commons Inflammation in disease The main aim of Dr Xue's research is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms mediating inflammatory diseases, and to translate their findings into therapeutic concepts to treat these diseases. Luzheng Xue 07 Jan 2016
15 Creative Commons A deep breath in Asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are common conditions that affect the lives of many people. Mona Bafadhel 28 Jul 2015
14 Creative Commons Chemistry, epigenetics and drugs Alteration of gene expression is fundamental to many diseases. A better understanding of how epigenetic proteins affect diseases provides a starting point for therapy development and the discovery of new drug. Paul Brennan 28 Jul 2015
13 Creative Commons The genetics of metabolic diseases A missing step in a metabolic pathway leads to the build-up of toxic compounds, and the lack of materials essential for normal function. Wyatt Yue 28 Jul 2015
12 Creative Commons Biological imaging Video microscopy aims to improve target discovery and drug development and to do so generates large volumes of data. Jens Rittscher 09 Feb 2015
11 Creative Commons Pharmacogenomics Dr Sebastian Nijman develops new approaches to study signalling networks in cancer cells and uncover specific weaknesses, particularly in breast and lung cancer. This can be used to develop more effective drugs and to better guide treatment decisions. Sebastian Nijman 09 Feb 2015
10 Creative Commons Asthma Airway inflammation Ian Pavord 10 Dec 2014
9 Creative Commons The Global Health Network Dr Trudie Lang tells us how the Global Health Network facilitates collaboration and resource sharing. Trudie Lang 26 Jun 2013
8 Respiratory Medicine Dr Najib Rahman talks about his research on respiratory medicine. Najib Rahman 28 May 2013
7 Creative Commons Development of chemical probes Professor Stefan Knapp tells us how the development of chemical probes helps us to find new drugs. Stefan Knapp 21 May 2013
6 Creative Commons Drug Discovery Professor Chas Bountra explains how new drugs can offer novel treatments for neurodegenerative and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as pain disorders. Chas Bountra 20 Dec 2010
5 Creative Commons Clinical Trials in Gastroenterology Dr Simon Travis tells us how clinical trials bring tomorrow's treatments to patients today. Simon Travis 25 Mar 2013
4 Creative Commons Proteomics and Biomarkers Dr Benedikt Kessler tells us how proteomics helps find biomarkers. Benedikt Kessler 07 Jun 2011
3 Creative Commons Membrane proteins and drug development Dr Liz Carpenter talks about her research on membrane proteins and drug development. Liz Carpenter 29 Apr 2013
2 SHARP Lowering cholesterol in chronic kidney disease Colin Baigent 10 Dec 2014
1 Wider Statin Use Saves Lives Wider Statin Use Saves Lives Colin Baigent 10 Dec 2014