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Textual Therapies

This series, presented by Emily Troscianko, aims to crystallise, communicate, and expand our understanding of how texts and health interact. Health includes everything we tend to split into 'physical' and 'mental'. Texts include everything built (at least partly) of words: novels, stories, memoirs, poems, blogs, magazine articles, self-help books, private diary jottings – even drama, TV, and film… Through conversations with experts drawing on a wide range of professional and personal experience, the episodes offer introductions to some of the many perspectives from which texts and health are investigated, experienced, and understood. We ask questions, review findings, and consider next steps for this realm of health-humanities inquiry.

You can find accompanying notes for each episode, and get in touch (including to suggest subjects or people for future episodes) at www.troscianko.com/textual-therapies.

The intro/outro music is Between Worlds (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter (c) copyright 2017, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/tobias_weber/56664 Ft: (Smiling Cynic)

# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Creative Commons Why Public Health Needs Narrative An introduction to an often overlooked context for using narrative in healthcare: public health. Lise Saffran, Emily Troscianko 12 Sep 2018
3 Creative Commons Combating Fat Stigma Through Narrative A series of narrative workshops helping make life better for fat people. Rachel Fox, Kelly Park, Emily Troscianko 12 Sep 2018
2 Creative Commons What Does Disney do to Mental Health? Exploring the dangers of Disney’s take on poverty, mental health, and relationships. Jenifer Fisher, Nikki York, Emily Troscianko 12 Sep 2018
1 Creative Commons Computational Literary Studies and Mental Health A project combining English literature, experimental psychology, and computational linguistics, with a focus on entropy, abstraction, and mental health. James Carney, Emily Troscianko 12 Sep 2018