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Staging Shakespeare

Staging Shakespeare is series of video commentaries on performing and directing Shakespeare including extracts of two plays- 'The Tempest' and 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'. An English teacher also explains how she uses IT resources to engage students.

# Episode Title Description People Date
13 Creative Commons Acting Masterclass: "Lend me your ears" A second Masterclass on how Shakespeare spins rhetoric for the actor, with Sam Leith, journalist and writer, and author of 'You Talkin' to Me'. Students from Oxford University Drama Society will take part in the masterclass with an audience. Gregory Doran, Sam Leith 07 Jun 2013
12 Creative Commons Acting Masterclass: 'Pyramus, you begin' A practical Masterclass with Greg Doran from the Royal Shakespeare Company looking at what clues Shakespeare puts into the verse for the actor. Students from Oxford University Drama Society rehearse Romeo and Juliet in front of an audience. Gregory Doran 07 Jun 2013
11 Creative Commons The language of Shakespeare Actors and the director talk about how they have approached and worked with their student production of the Shakespeare play - Two Gentlemen of Verona. They discuss some of the challenges of the text and what they have done to overcome these. Kate O'Connor 23 Aug 2012
10 Creative Commons Understanding Shakespeare The actor Nick Lyons talks about the challenge of the language barrier and how he dealt with it for his role in the student production of the Shakespeare play Two Gentlemen of Verona. Nick Lyons 23 Aug 2012
9 Creative Commons Two Gentlemen of Verona: The view from the Director The director talks about how she adapted the script and directed the student Shakespeare production of Two Gentlemen of Verona. She describes what makes the play great, and discusses issues related to editing and direction. Kate O'Connor 23 Aug 2012
8 Creative Commons The Tempest: For you am I this patient log-man The director and actors talk about the log-scene in The Tempest and how they interpret and perform it. Includes scenes from rehearsals and performance. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
7 Creative Commons The Tempest: Our revels now are ended The famous Shakespeare scene from The Tempest, performed by actors from an Oxford student drama society. Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
6 Creative Commons The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Conveying Shakespeare's meaning The actor Dylan Townley talks about the language of Shakespeare. He describes how understanding and using the meter can help an actor or reader to bring out the poetry in a text. Includes a scene from The Tempest. Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
5 Creative Commons The Tempest: Prospero Actor Dylan Townley talks with director Archie Cornish about the character Prospero. They describe how they have chosen to portray him in this Oxford student performance of The Tempest, and discuss on what they base their interpretation. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
4 Creative Commons The Tempest: Direction and interpretation Director Archie Cornish and actor Dylan Townley - Prospero - talk about adapting, directing and performing a student Shakespeare production of The Tempest. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
3 Creative Commons Teaching Shakespeare in Schools A teacher talks about how she teaches Shakespeare in school, using video clips and references from contemporary culture to get the students to understand, relate to, and engage with the text. Joyti Chandegra 23 Aug 2012
2 Creative Commons The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Bringing a scene to Life The director Archie Cornish, and actor Dylan Townley, introduce the Revel speech in The Tempest. They also discuss the context in which it appears. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 22 Aug 2012
1 Creative Commons Shakespeare and the Stage Professor Tiffany Stern gives a short talk on William Shakespeare and how his plays were performed in Elizabethan England. Tiffany Stern 22 Aug 2012