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Social Sciences at the Department for Continuing Education

A collection of audio and video resources of lectures, seminars and presentations from the Department's social sciences' programmes.

# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Postcolonial futures: the Caribbean in dialogue Dr Kevon Rhiney, Commonwealth Fellow and lecturer (Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies) considers contemporary social and economic development in Jamaica, in the light of environmental vulnerability and climate change. David Howard, Kevon Rhiney 12 Jun 2013
3 Creative Commons Creating a 'John Lewis' economy? - encouraging Corporate Diversity for Sustainable Growth The Coalition Government is committed to greater corporate diversity in the financial services sector, and are promoting 'John Lewis' style mutuals to deliver public services. Jonathan Michie 02 Oct 2012
2 How foreign policy is made Alan Hunt gives an overview of how foreign policy is made - part of a recent training course for junior diplomats. Alan Hunt 11 Sep 2008
1 New economic powers: China Introduction to the BRICs and China's political economy - lecture given by Dr Yueh. Linda Yueh 09 Sep 2008