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Rewley House Research Seminars

The multi-disciplinary research seminars are held once a term at Rewley House, and are designed to highlight current and future research initiatives in the Department for Continuing Education.

# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Hope What is Hope? This seminar explored what hope is and invited us to consider what hope means to people in different circumstances. Peter Hinton, Carl Heneghan 21 Nov 2016
10 Impact What is the impact we create? How is it measured, justified, used? Three speakers from a social, historical and professional background examine what impact means in different scenarios, both for academics themselves, and the public at large. Gorgi Krlev, Matt Smart, Jonathan Healey 03 Dec 2015
9 Danger Speakers for our seminar on the theme of Danger have Medical and Humanities backgrounds, and will consider the following: experimentation to diminish danger; the risks of ignoring danger, danger to the self and the ideal. Marion Kibuka, Yasmin Khan, Anna Beer 12 Aug 2014
8 Creative Commons Truth The presentations invite us to consider what truth means to people in different circumstances, and how definitions of truth can affect decision-making, from literary risks to clinical trials. Anne Jensen, Rosemary Yallop, Carl Heneghan, Yasmin Khan 12 Aug 2014
7 Creative Commons Patterns Three speakers share their insights into pattern exploration and, in some cases, exploitation, in their fields of finance, mathematics and climate change. Bob Lockhart; Kevon Rhiney; David Howard 12 Aug 2014
6 Future The presentations focus on the impact of the concept of future in changing debate, and how, in specific instances, concerns about the future affect behaviours in the present. David Howard, Jill Hind 07 Apr 2014
5 Gender Gender relations shape our everyday interactions at work, on the street and in the home. Our speakers cover a wide range of topics, from historical, legal and therapeutic perspectives. Linda Scott, Frances Richardson, Nazila Ghanea-Hercock, Alistair Ross 12 Jun 2013
4 Creative Commons Decay The presentations focus on the importance of disappearance as much as appearance, presence as well as absence, and growth in the guise of degeneration, arguing from difference perspectives for the importance of malaise or corrosion as a subject of study. David Howard, Martin Neubert, Robert Vanderplank, Tara Stubbs 22 May 2013
3 Creative Commons Ethics Ethical decisions, and often dilemma, lie at the heart of all research methodologies and practice. Marianne Talbot, course director in Philosophy, chaired three presentations from across the disciplines. Marianne Talbot, Abi Sriharan, Kate Blackmon, David Griffiths 20 Jun 2012
2 Revolution Revolutionary concepts continually shape and uproot research agendas, and occasionally researchers themselves. This seminar examined the many ways revolution impacts on research. Adrian Stokes, Kerry Lock, Peter Watson 20 Jun 2012
1 Risk The inaugural research seminar invited three speakers to consider how the concept and experience of 'risk' influenced their current research. David Howard, Jonathan Michie, Nigel Mehdi, Adam Josephs 20 Jun 2012