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Public International Law Discussion Group (Part I) and Annual Global Justice Lectures

Lectures on international law issues by eminent scholars, practitioners and judges of national and international courts. The lecture series is brought to you by the Public International Law Discussion Group, part of the Law Faculty of the University of Oxford, and is supported by the British Branch of the International Law Association and Oxford University Press. Further details of this series can be found on the Public International Law at Oxford website. The Oxford Global Justice Lecture was recently established by the Oxford Law Faculty, as an annual lecture to be delivered each year by a leading figure in international law. The lecture series is generously supported by the Planethood Foundation

# Episode Title Description People Date
43 The Crime of Aggression Don Ferencz, Visiting Professor, Middlesex University and Convenor of the Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression - 12 March 2015 Don Ferencz 05 May 2015
42 Creative Commons Reflections on Four Decades of International Action against Torture Professor Sir Nigel Rodley, University of Essex - 19 February 2015 Nigel Rodley 10 Apr 2015
41 Creative Commons Protecting Schools in Conflict: Developing International Guidelines Professor Stephen Haines, University of Greenwich - 29 January 2015 Stephen Haines 10 Apr 2015
40 Causation in the Law of State Responsibility Dr Ilias Plakokefalos, University of Amsterdam - 22 January 2015 Ilias Plakokefalos 10 Apr 2015
39 Controlling International Organizations: Between Function and Virtue? Professor Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki - 22 May 2014 Jan Klabbers 11 Dec 2014
38 Creative Commons Arbitrary Detention in International Law Professor Mads Andenas , University of Oslo - 15 May 2014 Mads Andenas 11 Dec 2014
37 Creative Commons 'A problem of interpretation': The ICJ's approach to the constituent instruments of international organizations Peter Quayle, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development & Uni Notre Dame, London Law Centre - 13 November 2014 Peter Quayle 11 Dec 2014
36 The UN's obligation to investigate disappearances and killings in Kosovo: the work of the Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel Professor Christine Chinkin, London School of Economics - 27 November 2014 Christine Chinkin 11 Dec 2014
35 Creative Commons Rule of Law at the international level - still relevant? Ambassador Patricia O'Brien, Permanent Mission of Ireland to the UN, Former UN Legal Counsel and Under Secretary-General for Legal Affairs - 16 October 2014 Patricia O'Brien 11 Dec 2014
34 Creative Commons Independence referendums and putative citizenship - the Scottish referendum in a global perspective Dr Ruvi Ziegler, University of Reading - 6 November 2014 Ruvi Ziegler 11 Dec 2014
33 Whose Convention is it anyway? Addressing the facts and myths around the Human Rights Act Kirsty Brimelow QC, Doughty Street Chambers - 23 October 2014 Kirsty Brimelow 11 Dec 2014
32 The International Court of Justice's Approach to Injuries Suffered by Individuals Judge Giorgio Gaja, International Court of Justice - 8 May 2014 Giorgio Gaja 21 May 2014
31 Creative Commons The effect of investment treaty arbitration on WTO dispute settlement: Tobacco plain packaging disputes and beyond Dr Anastasios Gourgourinis, University of Athens - 1 May 2014 Anastasios Gourgourinis 21 May 2014
30 Lecture III: Law in Globalization Harold Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School - 13 May 2014 Harold Koh 21 May 2014
29 Lecture II: Law of Globalization Harold Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School - 8 May 2014 Harold Koh 21 May 2014
28 Creative Commons Are Arbitrators Political? Dr M Waibel, University of Cambridge Michael Waibel 01 Apr 2014
27 Whaling: the Gordian knot of animal rights and cultural diversity Professor M Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary University of London Malgosia Fitzmaurice 01 Apr 2014
26 Creative Commons Trashed, or treasured? Which will be the fate of international dispute resolution? The Honorable Charles N Brower, 20 Essex Street Charles N Brower 01 Apr 2014
25 Culture Clashes in International Criminal Law Professor E van Sliedregt, VU University of Amsterdam E van Sliedregt 01 Apr 2014
24 Do Dead Civilians have Human Rights? International Legal Obligations towards Civilian Casualties in Armed Conflict Professor S Breau, University of Reading S Breau 01 Apr 2014
23 International Law and the Emergence of Mercantile Capitalism: Grotius to Smith Professor M Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki M Koskenniemi 11 Feb 2014
22 Creative Commons International law and foreign policy: some practical questions Mr Qudsi Rasheed, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Qudsi Rasheed 05 Feb 2014
21 What is an International Crime? Professor K J Heller, SOAS/ University of Melbourne Kevin Heller 05 Feb 2014
20 The Contemporary Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Professor William Schabas, Middlesex University William Schabas 05 Dec 2013
19 Business and Human Rights: Voluntary Expectations or Legal Obligations? Professor R McCorquodale, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (Director); University of Nottingham Robert McCorquodale 05 Dec 2013
18 Factors that Explain Integration and Fragmentation Among International Courts Dr Philippa Webb, King's College London Philippa Webb 04 Dec 2013
17 The Concept of Public Body in the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures: Questioning the Public/Private Divide in WTO Law Dr Gregory Messenger, University of Oxford Greg Messenger 04 Dec 2013
16 Eirik Bjorge on France's burqa ban Dr Eirik Bjorge, Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College interviewed by Radio France about the ban in France against wearing a burqa in public spaces. Eirik Bjorge 04 Dec 2013
15 Creative Commons Communicative Justice and International Criminal Law: Re-thinking the Rationale for International Criminal Justice and Jurisdiction Dr D Guilfoyle, University College London - 7 November 2013. D Guilfoyle 14 Nov 2013
14 The Security Council in Global Public Law: the Case for the International Ombudsperson A talk by Dr Devika Hovell, LSE, on the 24th October 2013. Devika Hovell 01 Nov 2013
13 Sovereignty in Foreign Investment Law A talk by Professor J Viñuales, University of Cambridge, on 17 October 2013. J Viñuales 24 Oct 2013
12 Democratic Statehood in International Law Dr Jure Vidmar, University of Oxford - 2 May 2013. Jure Vidmar 18 Jul 2013
11 International Law in the Long 1990s: Notes Towards an Investigation Dr Akbar Rasulov, University of Glasgow - 9 May 2013. Akbar Rasulov 15 May 2013
10 Reducing Genocide to Law: Definition, Meaning, and the Ultimate Crime Professor Payam Akhavan, McGill University - 21 February 2013. Payam Akhavan 19 Apr 2013
9 Neither Common or Civil: Principles of Liability in International Criminal Law Professor Robert Cryer, University of Birmingham - 21 February 2013. Robert Cryer 19 Apr 2013
8 Transnational Organized Crime at Sea Dr Efthymios Papastavridis, Academy of Athens - 24 January 2013. Efthymios Papastavridis 25 Feb 2013
7 The Investment Treaty System as Judicial Review: Some Remarks on its Nature, Scope and Standards Dr Federico Ortino, King's College London - 7 February 2013. Federico Ortino 20 Feb 2013
6 The relations between jus ad bellum and jus in bello: independence versus conflation Dr V Koutroulis, Visiting Fellow, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law - 29 November 2012. Vaios Koutroulis 04 Dec 2012
5 Immunities and Extradition: The Curious Case of Khurts Bat Dr R O'Keefe, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Cambridge - 15 November 2012. Roger O'Keefe 22 Nov 2012
4 Is the Rome Statute Binding on Individuals? Dr M Milanovic, Lecturer in Law, University of Nottingham - 1 November 2012. Marko Milanovic 09 Nov 2012
3 The Independence of Scotland Professor J Crawford, Whewell Professor of International Law, University of Cambridge - 25 October 2012. James Crawford 30 Oct 2012
2 Are investments still protected under Intra-EU BITs? David Reed, Partner, International Arbitration Division, Arnold and Porter - 18 October 2012. David Reed 30 Oct 2012
1 Mr. Salomon and M. Diallo: Personality and Protection in International Law Professor H Thirlway, Former Principal Legal Secretary, International Court of Justice - 11 October 2012. Hugh Thirlway 30 Oct 2012