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Protecting the Past: Archaeology, Conservation and Tourism in the North of Jordan

The purpose of this colloquium (28-30 September 2015) was to discuss how recent advances in the archaeological investigation of northern Jordan (Amman) can influence a wider approach to understanding Jordan’s cultural heritage through discovery, re-interpretation and better presentation. The conference gathered international and national specialists from a range of disciplines. These include archaeologists active at multi-period sites and on survey projects, experts in remote sensing and aerial archaeology, geoarchaeologists and geographers. By bringing them together with NGOs and practitioners with a stake in the development of cultural tourism in northern Jordan, we wished to foster better co-operation and collaboration.This inter-disciplinary discussion, focussing on archaeological sites and landscapes, showed that their value is not just historical and cultural but can also be economic, educational and social

# Episode Title Description People Date
28 Damage Assessment and Digital 2D -3D Documentation: Selected case studies from the World Heritage Site of Petra, Jordan Dr Bala'awi (Hashemite University) presents the results of a project of digital heritage documentation at Petra conducted by the Hashemite University Fadi Bala'awi 31 Mar 2016
27 Private Ownership or Public Domain? The Cultural Heritage of Tall al-`Umayri at Risk Dr Clark (LaSierra, Madaba Plains Project) speaks of the issues involved in the protection of Tell 'Umeiri, a multi-period site in the Madaba region (central Jordan) Douglas Clark 31 Mar 2016
26 Palestinian experience in building a detailed database of archaeological sites Dr al-Jaradat (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine) speaks of the Palestinian national inventory of cultural heritage sites, for which work began in 2002 and is still ongoing Mohammad al-Jaradat 31 Mar 2016
25 Impact of Jordan online archaeological databases on research and heritage protection as an example of questionnaire survey evaluation Dr Drzewiecki describes how archaeologists interviewed about the impact of Jordanian heritage databases have responded as regards the role of these databases in heritage protection Mariusz Drzewiecki 31 Mar 2016
24 MEGA-Jordan as a Preventive Resource Mr Haroun (Department of Antiquities, Jordan) tells of how MEGA-Jordan has become the virtual memory of Jordan and the repository of its heritage Jihad Haroun 31 Mar 2016
23 The Jordan Museum’s contribution to protecting cultural heritage in Jordan – the Hijazi Wagon Dr Kafafi (Jordan Museum) describes the role that the Jordan Museum had in protecting the remains of the Hijaz railway within the framework of the Great Arab Revolt Project Jihad Kafafi 31 Mar 2016
22 Governmental role in protecting the cultural heritage of Jordan Dr al-Khasawneh (Jordan Museum) speaks of the challenges facing Jordanian authorities in protecting the country's rich cultural heritage Tammam al-Khasawneh 31 Mar 2016
21 Open access archaeological databases for Jordan – solution or threat? Dr Drzewiecki has analysed the impact on researchers of online databases of archaeological sites in Jordan Mariusz Drzewiecki 31 Mar 2016
20 Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa A talk by Dr R.Bewley (Oxford) introducing the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa project Robert Bewley 30 Mar 2016
19 Whose foundation? The emergence of Hellenistic Pella Dr Tidmarsh talks about the Hellenistic period at the multi-period site of Pella (Tabaqat Fahl, northern Jordan) John Tidmarsh 30 Mar 2016
18 Protecting our past/Protecting our future: the future of Abila of the Decapolis in Northern Jordan Dr Vila, the director of the American Expedition to Abila,describes the team's work on the site from the 1980s onwards and recent fundraising efforts to protect the site's future David Vila 30 Mar 2016
17 A Conservation Strategy for Umm el-Jimal: Engaging the Modern Community in the Preservation and Protection of the Antiquities Dr De Vries and Mr DeKock present their holistic approach to the study, conservation and site display of Umm el-Jimal Bert De Vries, Jeff DeKock 30 Mar 2016
16 Raising the profile of the Islamic period at Jarash, 1980-2015: excavations, restoration, and presentation Prof. Walmsley describes the work of the Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project Alan Walmsley 30 Mar 2016
15 Landscape archaeology of the 'Ajlun Highlands since the Pleistocene: new insights from the Jarash Valley Mr Boyer introduces the latest findings of his Jarash Water Project David (Don) Boyer 30 Mar 2016
14 Landscape character assessment mapping of the Yarmuk river basin: results and planning implications Prof. Abu Jaber describes the results of the EU-funded international Medscapes project Nizar Abu Jaber 30 Mar 2016
13 Historical landscape change in northern Jordan: the cases of Abila/Queilbeh and Umm al-Jimal Dr Lucke describes the results of his work on palaeosoils and its implications for climate change in Byzantine and early-Islamic Abila and Umm el-Jimal Bernhard Lucke 30 Mar 2016
12 Late Prehistoric landscapes of Northern Jordan: A perspective from the Jordan Valley Prof. Hourani discusses the Prehistoric landscapes of the Jordan Valley Fouad Hourani 30 Mar 2016
11 Fluctuations in land use around Pella of the Decapolis in Late Antiquity: evidence and issues Dr Watson talks about the Pella Hinterland Survey conducted in 1994-1996 in the immediate surroundings of the multi-period site of Pella (Tabaqat Fahl) Pamela Watson 30 Mar 2016
10 Fourth millennium colonisation of the basalt desert: Jawa and its hinterland Dr Müller-Neuhof describes findings in the Early Bronze Age site of Jawa and its hinterland Bernd Müller-Neuhof 30 Mar 2016
9 Interpreting OSL dates from wadi sediments in the Jabal Harun area, Petra region Dr Kouki talks about OSL dating Paula Kouki 30 Mar 2016
8 The approach of the Jordan Museum in protecting our past Dr al-'Amri describes the Jordan Museum's ethos to protecting Jordan's past Yosha al-Amri 30 Mar 2016
7 A relationship between cultural identity, linear history and tourism in Umm Qais Muna Haddad introduces Baraka's initiatives in the field of cultural tourism and community engagement, particularly on the site of Umm Qais Muna Haddad 30 Mar 2016
6 Archaeology of agriculture. The potential of archaeological restoration for cultural tourism in the north of Jordan Mr al-Batainah presents the work of restoration of a Roman-Byzantine winery and an Ottoman water mill, and their significance in the promotion of cultural tourism Amjad al-Batainah 30 Mar 2016
5 Heritage for development. The experience of the Qasr al-Hallabat Project Dr Arce (former director of the Spanish Archaeological Mission to Jordan) talks about the Qasr al-Hallabat project, particularly with regard to site conservation and presentation Ignacio Arce 30 Mar 2016
4 Culture as a source of resilience: linking cultural assets and rural women in Umm al-Jimal Dr Atzori (UNESCO) speaks of the opportunities for the local communities of Mafraq (north-eastern Jordan) as connected to the development of cultural tourism at Umm el-Jimal Angela Atzori 30 Mar 2016
3 Ancient Umm el-Jimal as seen by the modern community Mr Hazza (Co-director of the Umm el-Jimal project) speaks about the relationship between the modern community of Umm el-Jimal and the archaeological site Muwaffaq Hazza 30 Mar 2016
2 Introducing SCHEP: Sustainable Cultural Heritage through the Engagement of Local Communities Dr Addison (SCHEP) talks about SCHEP's approach to engaging host communities in the preservation of cultural heritage resources in Jordan Erin Addison 31 Mar 2016
1 The role of the community in the long-term site management plan for Umm el-Jimal Jeff DeKock (OpenHand Studios) reads a paper by Paul Christians (Stanford University) on the long-term involvement of the local community at Umm el-Jimal with the archaeology of the site Paul Christians, Jeff DeKock 30 Mar 2016