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Is the planet full? Seminar Series 2011

Podcasts from the Michaelmas Term Seminar Series 2011 at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Creative Commons Exploring the demographic transition in the 21st Century Many countries around the world are experiencing a demographic transition that is occurring due to increased longevity combined with low fertility rates. Sarah Harper 29 Mar 2012
7 Are there limits to growth? Ian Johnson was Former World Bank's Vice President for Sustainable Development (ESSD) and has over thirty years experience in economic development. Ian Johnson 08 Dec 2011
6 Creative Commons Population, inequality and global justice "Optimum population" is a subject long discussed in welfare economics. The talk will first discuss the framework for analysis of policy. Tony Atkinson 18 Nov 2011
5 Creative Commons Safe, effective and affordable healthcare for a bulging population Talk by Professor Robyn Norton, Co-Director, George Centre for Healthcare Innovation. The successes of the past century in reducing childhood mortality and eradicating many infectious diseases. Robyn Norton 11 Nov 2011
4 Creative Commons Scarce resources - problems and solutions Professor Guy Houlsby, Co-director, Programme on Globalising Tidal Power Generation (Member of Oxford Martin School). Guy Houlsby, Tony Hartwell 09 Nov 2011
3 Creative Commons How can 9-10 billion people be fed sustainably and equitably by 2050? Talk by Professor Charles Godfray, Director, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food. Charles Godfray 09 Nov 2011
2 Creative Commons Water Scarcity: a shortage of water or a shortage of ideas? 'Water Crises', 'Water Wars', 'Peak Water' and many more phrases have been used in recent years to suggest that a growing population and increased per capita water use are leading inexorably to critical levels of water scarcity. Professor 21 Oct 2011
1 Creative Commons Overpopulation or underpopulation? It is common to hear about the problems of overpopulation, but do we really have too many people? Do we have an acceptable number? Or might we even have too few? Dr Toby Ord 14 Oct 2011