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OxPeace Conference 2023: Learning from Ukraine

How can the war in Ukraine inform our understanding of peace? Experts from the Oxford Network of Peace Studies -- from University of Oxford, United Nations, World Economic Forum and more -- explore the origins, impacts and lessons of the conflict for peacebuilding.

'OxPeace', the Oxford Network of Peace Studies, is a multidisciplinary network to promote the study of peace, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding in Oxford University and beyond. Through conferences, seminars and practical training workshops, OxPeace showcases the study of peace across a wide variety of disciplines, networks with practitioners and policy-makers.

Previous OxPeace conferences are available via the 'Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR)' page linked below.

# Episode Title Description People Date
10 Creative Commons Russia and Christian nationalism: the background of a conflict How the global resurgence of traditionalist, religion-based nationalism relates to the specifics of the present conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Rowan Williams 12 May 2023
9 Creative Commons Exiting Russia: the effects of multinational withdrawal Can corporate action contribute to human rights, peace, and conflict prevention? Bennett Freeman 12 May 2023
8 Creative Commons The Global Food Crisis and the Ukraine War Exploring the three elements that intersect and contribute to the global food crisis. Alex de Waal 12 May 2023
7 Creative Commons The early medieval history of Ukraine: mythology and historical logics The history of early Slavs as a point for debunking historical misconceptions that benefit one state at the expense of another. Andrii Pastushenko 12 May 2023
6 Creative Commons Ukraine and the fragmentation of world order Using the unfolding crisis of the Ukraine war as a lens to consider the drivers of conflict and transformation in the contemporary world order. Luke Cooper 12 May 2023
5 Creative Commons Being a Social Entrepreneur in a War Zone How did I evacuate over 30,000 women and children from the warzone, not knowing Ukraine and not speaking a word of Ukrainian? I drew on my business, political and organisation skills to move quickly to save thousands of lives. This is my story. Brooks Newmark 12 May 2023
4 Creative Commons The work of the media during the Russian-Ukrainian war How the media in Ukraine transitioned to covering the war with the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. Yaroslava Bukhta 12 May 2023
3 Creative Commons Understanding the Ukraine's Grassroots in the Russia-Ukraine War The need to consider grassroots nuances in Ukraine in order to understand the Russia-Ukraine war, and possible strategies for peace going forward. Marnie Howlett 12 May 2023
2 Creative Commons International crimes in Ukraine Who can be held accountable and how? Federica D’Alessandra 04 May 2023
1 Creative Commons Components for Sustainable Peace in Ukraine What are the necessary components of a peace process for Ukraine? Carne addresses that any such process must involve groups on the ground, such as those from the Donbass or Crimea, if it is to be effective and sustained in the long term. Carne Ross 04 May 2023