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Oxford UIDP Summit

Sessions from the Oxford UIDP Summit - a transatlantic conference for senior-level university and industry professionals, and government policymakers.

# Episode Title Description People Date
10 What’s New? Emerging Disruptive Models for High-Value, Longer Term University-Industry Partnering This session identifies and explores emerging partnership models that are disrupting the way universities and businesses work together to develop high-value and mutually beneficial relationships for the longer term. Dave Bembo, Wade Brown, Karl Koster, Karen Kennedy 19 Mar 2020
9 Crowdsourcing Innovation: Changing the world one good idea at a time A high proportion of research, IP and knowledge remains ‘on the shelf’ at worst, and under-utilised at best. Rob (Crowdicity) explores why this is, and shares real-world stories of how applying open innovation and co-creation is helping to change this. Rob Wilmot 18 Mar 2020
8 Human Centred Futures: The Critical Role of the Social Sciences This session will examine the fundamental importance of social sciences research to the fourth industrial revolution. Georgia Chao, Rick Delbridge, Daniel Sui, Mike Willardson 18 Mar 2020
7 What intermediaries are for? In many countries, we have seen the rise of intermediaries that should bridge the intellectual, material and organisational divide between the worlds of science and business innovation. Do or do they not, that is the fundamental question? Kate Ronayne, Simon Andrews, Stuart Martin, Jay Walsh 18 Mar 2020
6 Are R and D Targets a Must For Innovation? R and D targets and metrics have become common place (e.g. 3% norm by EC, 2.4% norm in UK). However, what do those norms signal? What is their effect, if any? And, if such targets are deemed not relevant, what should then replace them? Emmo Meijer 18 Mar 2020
5 Tackling Wicked Problems: Partnering for Impact UC San Diego VC for Research Sandra Brown presents recommendations from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU’s) Public Impact-Focused Research (PIR) Initiative. Sandy Brown 18 Mar 2020
4 Evolving, Maturing, Rejuvenating: 30 Years of University-Industry Engagement The interactions between university and industry have firmly been on the agenda of policy making and university administration for more than 30 years now. David Gann 30 Jun 2019
3 Keynote Panel - Investing for the Future, Research, and Industrial Competitiveness With changing international landscapes, now, more than ever, the interplay between government-funded research and industrial strategies is in sharp focus. Alison Campbell, Sir Mark Walport, Walt Copan 30 Jun 2019
2 Welcome Opening remarks from the Oxford UIDP Summit. With Phil Clare, University of Oxford, Jay Walsh, Northwestern University and Patrick Grant, University of Oxford. Patrick Grant, Jay Walsh, Phil Clare 30 Jun 2019
1 Oxford UIDP Summit 2019 Overview of the Oxford UIDP Summit 2019 Anthony Boccanfuso, Anna-Marie Greenaway, Coleen Burrus, Neeta Khurana 18 Mar 2020