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Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities

The Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities seeks to understand how cities can be made more flexible to face the challenges of the next fifty years. This seminar series brings together researchers from across the University of Oxford to discuss the ways in which urban flexibility may be theoretically conceptualised, empirically researched and operationalised in practice.

# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Resilience and adaptation in complex city systems James Simmie (Department of Planning, Oxford Brookes University) develops an evolutionary economics approach to adaptation and change in urban economies. James Simmie 15 Dec 2010
5 Creative Commons Sustainable development and crime in the urban Caribbean David Howard (University Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford) looks at larger concerns over social and spatial equity, conceptual approaches to sovereignty and the practical interpretation of sustainable forms of justice. David Howard 15 Dec 2010
4 Global migration and the future of le droit à la ville Michael Keith (Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford) interrogates how we think about urban change and normative theory in cities experiencing high levels of international migration. Michael Keith 15 Dec 2010
3 Creative Commons New business models for low-carbon cities Mark Hinnells (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford) explores the impact of policy measures to deliver a low-carbon economy on the development of new business models for low-carbon cities. Mark Hinnells 16 Nov 2010
2 Sustainable urban development to 2050 - complex transitions in the built environment of cities Tim Dixon (Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Oxford Brookes University) looks at 'critical success factors' that need to be in place for cities to be more sustainable by 2050. Tim Dixon 16 Nov 2010
1 The paralyzed frog, water supply services and sustainable cities Rob Hope (School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford) gives a talk on institutional innovations and new financial models for sustainable water as part of a seminar series on the Future of Cities. Rob Hope 16 Nov 2010