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Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Cooling

The Oxford Martin School Programme on the Future of Cooling focuses on understanding and shaping sustainable cooling solutions. We aim to make access to cooling just and equitable in a warming world. This podcast series intends to raise awareness on relevant topics around the future of cooling to a broad audience. These include the development of super-efficient energy technologies, the use of low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants, the impacts on health from heatwave exposure, the behaviours and cultures towards cooling use, and the circular economy of cooling manufacturing.

For billions of people in developing countries cooling is vital for daily comfort, and as heatwaves become more frequent and intense, and last longer, keeping cool is becoming increasingly important in developed countries. The energy needed for air conditioning is likely to triple by 2050, potentially driving up greenhouse gas emissions and exacerbating the problem it is designed to alleviate. The programme was established in October 2019 to bring together the principles, policies, and practical tools to:

1. Create new and more sustainable cooling-related policies through close consultation with decision-makers and policy influencers.
2. Analyse new technologies to assess how they meet rising urban energy consumption needs, especially in fast-growing emerging economies.
3. Inform governments on how best to prepare for extreme heat events by prioritising passive and less energy-intensive technology, while shifting the trajectory of cooling growth towards sustainable options.
4. Help to prevent the cycle of rising temperatures, unprecedented demand for energy-intensive cooling, and increased global warming.
5. Promote human-based behavioural and cultural adaptive strategies.

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 5 The behaviours and culture of cooling use Our team member Dr Antonella Mazzone and Eric D Wilson discuss approaches that can make the use of cooling more sustainable Antonella Mazzone, Eric Wilson 05 Sep 2022
4 4 The circular economy of cooling Our team member Dr Giovani Palafox-Alcantar and Tina Birmpili talk about the circularity of cooling and combating desertification Giovani Palafox-Alcantar, Tina Birmpili 05 Sep 2022
3 3 The Global Cooling Prize Our team member Dr Renaldi Renaldi and our guest Iain Campbell talk about cooling technologies, efficiency and what the annual Cooling Prize is Renaldi Renaldi, Iain Campbell 05 Sep 2022
2 2 Meeting the researchers at the Future of Cooling Our research associates introduce their individual research and how they are tackling the issues related to it Jesus Lizana, Patrick Fahr, Nicole Miranda, Antonella Mazzone 05 Sep 2022
1 1 Introduction to the Future of Cooling programme at the University of Oxford Our team members Dr Nicole Miranda and co-leader Prof Radhika Khosla discuss what we as a team are working on and what the future of cooling will look like Nicole Miranda, Radhika Khosla 05 Sep 2022