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Oxford Chinese Economy Programme

A series of lectures looking at China's rapidly-changing economy and society, from the China Policy Forum organised by OXCEP at St Edmund Hall. The speakers examine four highly-topical policy issues: technology and industrial upgrading policies; policies against poverty; policies for the ageing population; and the economic causes and cures of social instability.

# Episode Title Description People Date
7 China's Rise and Structural Transformation in Africa: Ideas and Opportunities - OXCEP Distinguished Speaker Lecture 2014 Professor Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University) discusses the relationships between the economies of China and Africa. Justin Yifu Lin 18 Nov 2014
6 Growth, Transition and Life Satisfaction: China, Eastern Europe and the World - OXCEP Distinguished Speaker Lecture 2013 Professor Richard A. Easterlin gives a the 2013 OXCEP distinguished speaker lecture. Richard A Easterlin 21 Nov 2013
5 5: The Economic Causes and Cures of Social Instability in China Professor John Knight (Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford) delivers a lecture about social instability in China. John Knight 05 Jul 2013
4 Creative Commons 4: Policies regarding Population Ageing in China Professor Zhao Yaohui (of the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University) speaks about policies for the ageing population in China. Zhao Yaohui 05 Jul 2013
3 Creative Commons 3: Poverty Reduction and Effects of Pro-Poor Policies in Rural China Professor Li Shi (Director of the China Institute for the Study of Income Distribution at Beijing Normal University) lectures on the subject of policies against poverty in China. Li Shi 05 Jul 2013
2 2: Innovation in China: a Policy Perspective Professor Xiaolan Fu (Director of the Technology and Management of Development Centre, Department of International Development at the University of Oxford) speaks on the subject of industrial upgrading and technology policies in China. Xiaolan Fu 05 Jul 2013
1 1: OXCEP CHINA POLICY FORUM - Opening remarks by Prof. John Knight Professor John Knight, Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall, opens the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP) China Policy Forum on 7 June 2013 at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. John Knight 05 Jul 2013