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OPDC: Progress in Parkinson's Research.

The OPDC Scientists and Clinicians talk about how their work is helping to improve the understanding of Parkinson's and drive us closer to a cure during the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre Participant Open Day, 18th March 2015.

# Episode Title Description People Date
13 Overview of the OPDC Cohort day Short video highlighting the key research that was being discussed during the OPDC Cohorts day Richard Wade-Martins, Michele Hu, Tom Barber, Claudio Ruffman 05 Jul 2016
12 Introduction to the OPDC Cohort Day 2016 Dr Michele Hu gives a brief introduction to the Cohort members, outlining the programme for the day. Michele Hu 05 Jul 2016
11 Personality and Impulsivity in Parkinson's Dr Fahd Baig discusses his latest research in personality disorders and impulsivity with those affected with Parkinson's Fahd Baig 05 Jul 2016
10 Alph-Synuclein - What's it all about? Dr Claudio Ruffman discusses his research into the protein, Alpha-Synuclein, which is crucial in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's Claudio Ruffman 05 Jul 2016
9 Does Sleep Matter in Parkinson's Dr Tom Barber discusses his research Tom Barber 05 Jul 2016
8 Drug and Target Discovery in Parkinson's Disease Prof. Richard Wade-Martins discusses how you pick promising new drugs targets for Parkinson's Richard Wade-Martins 05 Jul 2016
7 What Should the Cohort Studies Delivery for YOU Dr Michele Hu discusses what Clinicians would like before asking the cohort members what they would like. Michele Hu 05 Jul 2016
6 Overview: The Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC) Cohort Michele Hu, co-Principle Investigator of the OPDC, gives an overview of the Centre's vision and research themes Michele Hu 21 May 2015
5 Creative Commons Using novel technologies to assess Parkinson's Mathematician & Engineer, Max Little, discusses how modern technology, such as smart phones, can aid recording behavioural & environmental factors in Parkinson's research Max Little 21 May 2015
4 Creative Commons Neuropathology: the CSI of Parkinson's Disease The crucial role of Brain Donation to understand the mechanisms underlying Parkinson's disease Claudio Ruffman 21 May 2015
3 Creative Commons From Dreams to Neurodegeneration REM sleep behaviour disorder and Parkinson's Disease Michal Rolinski 21 May 2015
2 Parkinson's: More than a tremor Fahd Baig discusses the non motor symptoms of Parkinson's. Fahd Baig 21 May 2015
1 How can skin cells help us understand Parkinson's? Richard Wade Martins, OPDC Principal Investigator, discusses his current research into Skin cells and Stem cells Richard Wade Martins 21 May 2015