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OII Bellwether Lectures

The OII Bellwether Lectures bring world-leading intellectuals to Oxford to lecture on the social implications of the Internet, and its role in shaping our economic, political, and social future.

# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Learning with the crowd? New structures, new practices for knowledge, learning, and education This talk explores the emerging trends and forces that are radically reshaping learning and knowledge practices. Caroline Haythornthwaite 09 Jan 2015
2 The Real-Time City? Big Data and Smart Urbanism Rob Kitchin discusses how cities are being instrumented with digital devices and infrastructure that produce ‘big data’. Rob Kitchin 03 Mar 2014
1 New Media, New Civics? Ethan Zuckerman explores contemporary anxieties about "a crisis in civics" and look at the idea that civics is changing along with digital media. Ethan Zuckerman 03 Mar 2014