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Oh What a Lovely War? First World War Anniversary Lectures

2014 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the First World War, whose war dead still cascade down the north wall of the entrance to Christ Church Cathedral, and which continues to haunt the imagination of contemporary Britons, shaping our views of armed force, of authority, and of patriotism. This lecture series looks at aspects of the First World War. Sponsored by the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life, and Christ Church Cathedral

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Creative Commons “If you do not want to see God’s hand in everything, even in the most unbearable, you are lost.” Experiencing the First World War Alongside Kaiser Wilhelm II Leeds University's Professor of Central European History, editor of An Improbable War?The Outbreak of World War I and European Politicsl Culture before 1914, views the war through the letters of one of the Kaiser's generals to his wife. Holger Afflerbach 04 Mar 2014
4 Creative Commons The War and English Religion Merton College's Tutor in History, an historian of 20th century Britain, argues that English Christianity survived the First World War rather better than is often assumed. Matthew Grimley 25 Feb 2014
3 Creative Commons 1914–1918: Was Britain Right to Fight? The Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, Canon of Christ Church, and author of In Defence of War (2013) analyses Britain's belligerency in terms of Christian just war reasoning, and concludes that it was justified. Nigel Biggar 13 Feb 2014
2 Creative Commons Victorious Donkeys? British Generals and Generalship of the First World War Reconsidered The Professor of War Studies at Wolverhampton University, a leading British military historian of the First World War, explodes some myths about British generalship and the performance of the British Army. Gary Sheffield 11 Feb 2014
1 Creative Commons Accident or Choice? The Outbreak of the First World War The causes of the First World War have long been controversial and remain so. The Warden of St Antony's College, Oxford, and author of The War that Ended Peace (2013) brings us up to date on the debate. Margaret MacMillan 03 Feb 2014