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Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Lectures and seminars organised by the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

# Episode Title Description People Date
43 Lung protective ventilation based on physics and physiology A guest seminar for our Nuffield Division of Anaesthetics Bjorn Jonson 24 Feb 2020
42 Eye movements and cognitive function in Parkinson’s disease NDCN Seminar Chrystalina Antoniades 29 Sep 2017
41 Kate Binnie: First and Last Breath soundscape A soundscape about breathing as a barometer of our state of mind and physical health. Kate Binnie 04 Aug 2017
40 Saturday Scientist, BBC Radio Oxford Sarah Finnegan talks about Breathe Oxford Sarah Finnegan 03 Aug 2017
39 Cell transplants to treat the 'disease' of chronic pain Thomas Willis Lecture (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences) Allan Basbaum 10 Apr 2017
38 Detecting, tracking, and predicting motor neuron disease NDCN Departmental Seminar. Martin Turner 06 Mar 2017
37 Forty years on: from frogs to man Clinical Neurosciences Society Anniversary Lecture Chris Kennard 08 Dec 2016
36 CNS remyelination: from mechanisms to medicines NDCN Departmental Seminar Robin Franklin 07 Oct 2016
35 Creative Commons The Visual Brain: 'The House of Deceits of the Sight' Lecture given as part of Brain Awareness Week 2016 Christopher Kennard 22 Aug 2016
34 Functional imaging of dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Series Paola Piccini 16 Jun 2016
33 Defining the genetic architecture of Alzheimer’s disease Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Series Julie Williams 16 May 2016
32 The Glymphatic System Thomas Willis Lecture Maiken Nedergaard 01 Apr 2016
31 Advanced imaging of the spinal cord in multiple sclerosis NCDN Seminar Olga Ciccarelli 01 Apr 2016
30 How do risk genes for psychosis operate? NCDN Seminar Paul Harrison 04 Mar 2016
29 The tempos of perception in the human brain NDCN departmental seminar Kia Nobre 05 Jan 2016
28 Human enhancement: the future of neuroscience NDCN departmental seminar Barbara Sahakian 02 Dec 2015
27 From touch to pain: making sense of sensation Inaugural Lecture David Bennett 20 Nov 2015
26 Management of primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) symptoms Overview of PLS symptoms and how to manage them Rachel Marsden, Kevin Talbot 10 Nov 2015
25 Techniques used to research primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) Overview of MRI etc. Ricarda Menke 10 Nov 2015
24 The genetics of primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) An overview of the genetics of PLS Chris McDermott 10 Nov 2015
23 What is Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS)? An overview of PLS in the clinic Kevin Talbot 10 Nov 2015
22 History of Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) Introduction to PLS day in Oxford Martin Turner 10 Nov 2015
21 Creative Commons History of Neuroscience at Oxford: Four Centuries of Discovery The second annual lecture for the Clinical Neurosciences Society, NDCN Zoltan Molnar 27 Oct 2015
20 Creative Commons Modelling Down’s syndrome in mice to learn about Alzheimer’s disease NDCN departmental seminar Elizabeth Fisher 27 Oct 2015
19 Rediscovering the importance of sleep, 'the chief of all earthly blessings', in the digital age Inaugural lecture on sleep research Colin Espie 27 Jul 2015
18 Translational neuroscience of the developing cerebral cortex Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Zoltan Molnar 30 Jun 2015
17 Microglia, cytokines and synapses in chronic neurodegeneration Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Hugh Perry 12 May 2015
16 Genetic dissection of neurodegenerative disease Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar John Hardy 30 Mar 2015
15 Post-traumatic stress disorder: studies of flashback memories and their treatment Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Anke Ehlers 11 Mar 2015
14 The Art of Seeing Part of a free public seminar 'Thinking About the Brain' Chrystalina Antoniades 12 Feb 2015
13 Half a World: What unilateral neglect tells us about space and the brain Part of a free public seminar 'Thinking About the Brain' Glyn Humphreys 12 Feb 2015
12 Art, Illusions and the Visual Brain Part of a free public seminar 'Thinking About the Brain' Chris Kennard 12 Feb 2015
11 New frontiers in stem cell neuroscience and drug discovery NDCN Seminar Zameel Cader 16 Dec 2014
10 The neurobiology of social sounds - from speech to laughter Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Sophie Scott 01 Dec 2014
9 Imaging the mechanisms of behavioural control Inaugural lecture Timothy Behrens 12 Nov 2014
8 Blood based biomarkers and Alzheimer’s; what do we want, when do we want it? Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Seminar Simon Lovestone 04 Nov 2014
7 Microglial microvesicles in Alzheimer’s Disease A Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Occasional Seminar Roberto Furlan 27 Oct 2014
6 Creative Commons A role for the pulvinar following early life lesions of V1 NDCN Seminar on preservation of visual capacity despite injury to V1 James A. Bourne 15 Sep 2014
5 Creative Commons Traumatic Brain Disease in the Military: Past, Present and Future A review of the fascinating 100 year history of traumatic brain injury in the military and, in particular, its long-term consequences. Daniel Perl 10 Sep 2014
4 Creative Commons Homeostatic regulation of sleep and its regional aspects Vladyslav Vyazovskiy from the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics gives this Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences seminar Vladyslav Vyazovskiy 30 Jun 2014
3 Creative Commons Early inflammation and NGF deregulation in Alzheimer's and Down's syndrome Claudio Cuello from the Department of Pharmacology, McGill University, Montreal gives this Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences seminar. Claudio Cuello 10 Jun 2014
2 Imaging and Stimulating Brain Plasticity Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg gives her inaugural lecture as head of the Plasticity Group at the Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB). Heidi Johansen-Berg 12 May 2014
1 Protein Misfolding and the Molecular Bases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases Professor Selkoe, the Vincent and Stella Coates Professor of Neurologic Diseases at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, gives the 2014 Litchfield/Thomas Willis LectureLitchfield/Thomas Willis Lecture. Dennis Selkoe 17 Mar 2014