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McMichael Symposium

Researchers, past and present colleagues of Professor Sir Andrew McMichael, gathered on the 21st September 2012 for a Symposium reflecting on the evolution of Immunology in Oxford.

# Episode Title Description People Date
10 Creative Commons Welcome and Introduction Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo opens the Symposium with a few words about Professor Sir Andrew McMichael's achievements, past, present and future. Vincenzo Cerundolo 28 Oct 2013
9 Creative Commons What do we measure and what do we want to learn Professor Zinkernagel speaks about some historical and more recent aspects of immunology. Although we do know a lot, only about half of what we think we know is usually true - we just don't know which half! Rolf Zinkernagel 28 Oct 2013
8 Creative Commons Active and passive immunity to Influenza Professor Townsend tells us about lessons to be drawn from the history of immunology in Oxford, from 1979 onwards, until his current research on active and passive immunity to influenza. Alain Townsend 18 Dec 2013
7 Creative Commons A structural biologist's perspective Professor Yvonne Jones tells us how structural biology was brought into the field of immunology in Oxford, at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Yvonne Jones 28 Oct 2013
6 New immunoregulatory mechanisms Professor Mike Lenardo speaks about early links between the NIH (National Institute of Health, USA) and the University of Oxford, and their success in setting up the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge DPhil programme. Michael J Lenardo 28 Oct 2013
5 Creative Commons African adventures Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones talks about her research on HIV, first in Oxford then in Africa, in Kenya and in The Gambia. Sarah Rowland-Jones 28 Oct 2013
4 Creative Commons Time to escape Dr Nilu Goonetilleke talks about her research within the CHAVI project (NIH Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology). Nilu Goonetilleke 28 Oct 2013
3 Creative Commons Correlates of protection, the China Connection Professor Xiao-Ning Xu talks about his research on emerging infectious diseases in China, from the SARS outbreak in 2003/4 to flu pandemic and HIV infection. Xiao-Ning Xu 28 Oct 2013
2 Creative Commons The Human Immunology Unit The increasing globalisation of infectious disease is a major challenge to human health. The MRC Human Immunology Unit is a key player in international efforts to combat this threat, and in research into other diseases involving the immune system. Vincenzo Cerundolo 28 Oct 2013
1 Some final words Professor Sir Andrew McMichael speaks about his early days in Oxford, working in immunology. Sir Andrew McMichael 28 Oct 2013