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Mansfield Public Talks

Mansfield hosts a lively and engaging series of free public talks, every Friday, during Oxford University term time. The Mansfield Public Talks are convened by College Principal, Helen Mountfield QC, and platform leading figures from varied fields, aimed at opening up ideas and debate in front of a wide audience. The talks are open to all and as such are an important element of the College’s public engagement efforts.

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 'Regression and Resistance: The Struggle for Women's Rights in Afghanistan' Shaharzad Akbar in conversation with Shazia Choudhry; convened by Mansfield College Principal, Helen Mountfield KC. Shaharzad Akbar, Shazia Choudhry, Helen Mountfield 08 Nov 2022
4 The Jocelyn Bell Burnell Lecture: The Real World of Forensic Anthropology Professor Dame Sue Black in conversation with Professor Stephen Blundell. Introduction by Helen Mountfield KC. Sue Black, Stephen Blundell, Helen Mountfield 24 Oct 2022
3 Equal to Everything Baroness Hale, former President of the Supreme Court and Honorary Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford discusses her life and legal career with Helen Mountfield QC, Principal of Mansfield. Baroness Hale, Helen Mountfield 18 Oct 2021
2 The 2021 Milton Lecture: Museums as “the true teachers of a free people” In this lecture, Dr Tristram Hunt (Director of the V and A Museum), discussed the role of public museums in creating our culture and described how, despite its origins rooted in Empire, monarchy, and high Victorian capitalism. Tristram Hunt 18 Oct 2021
1 The Hands Lecture 2020 – Western Democracy: the next 20 years Lord (William) Hague of Richmond in conversation with Mansfield Principal, Helen Mountfield QC, on the state of Western democracies. William Hague, Helen Mountfield 18 Oct 2021