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Kellogg College

Podcasts from Kellogg College, one of Oxford University's largest and most international graduate colleges.

# Episode Title Description People Date
67 Maud Gonne MacBride: feminist, agitator, muse Kellogg Fellow Dr Tara Stubbs introduces us to Maud Gonne Macbride: feminist, agitator, muse. Tara Stubbs 25 Apr 2020
66 The changing economic and social-policy making of the African National Congress A discussion about the ANC’s policy shifts in the early years of democracy. Vishnu Padayachee, Robert van Niekerk 16 Jan 2020
65 GCHU Public Seminar: Managing migration: cities, governance, integration At this seminar on ‘Managing migration: cities, governance, integration’, invited speakers each respond to the question: How can cities engage with managing global migration flows and social integration? Cecile Riallant, Colleen Thouez, David Howard, Thomas Lacroix 10 Jan 2020
64 Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities Healthy Cities - Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities Karen Barrass, Daniel Elsea, Joanne Murraybrown, Ben Murphy 24 Oct 2019
63 Europe, Migration and Cities Convened by: Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange. A multidisciplinary seminar, as part of the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series in association with Maison Française Oxford. Sarah Spencer, Phoebe Clay, Michael Keith 09 Jul 2019
62 Anne McLaren Lecture 2019 Anne McLaren Lecture 2019, “Can reformed communication save patients from harm?" Marie Lindquist 29 May 2019
61 The Origins of Enigma Codebreaking at Bletchley Park Sir Dermot Turing will talk about the origins of Enigma codebreaking at Bletchley Park, the Bombe machine and how it worked. Sir Dermot Turing 18 Feb 2019
60 Building a global beer brand from scratch: Boldness in Business On 22nd May 2018 we heard from Kellogg Bynum Tudor Fellow Lord Bilimoria CBE, the Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer and Chancellor of the University of Birmingham who delivered the Bynum Tudor Lecture. Lord Bilimoria CBE 14 Jan 2019
59 Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Healthy Cities Thursday 29th November saw the fifth in our Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series of multidisciplinary seminars, Healthy Cities: 'Is designing healthy communities the right response to an overstretched NHS?' Carl Heneghan, Danny McDonnell, Sian Whyte, Chris Naylor 08 Jan 2019
58 History of the University (or, 'if I were you I wouldn't start from here') Christopher Day talks about the history of the University of Oxford Christopher Day 13 Dec 2018
57 Anne McLaren Lecture 2018 Anne McLaren Lecture 2018: Gene Editing in Human Embryos Kathy Niakan 27 Jun 2018
56 Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Rapid Urbanisation A multidisciplinary seminar, as part of the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series Fiona Harvey, Peter Osborn, Ben Bolgar, Bob Allies 27 Jun 2018
55 Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Heritage A multidisciplinary seminar, as part of the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series. Geoffrey Tyack, Leidulf Mydland, Debbie Dance, Barbara Weiss 07 Jun 2018
54 Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Public Art The first multidisciplinary seminar in the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange series. Cathy Oakes, Leon Wainwright, Clare Melhuish, Sean Henry 24 Apr 2018
53 International Women's Day 2018: Women in the workplace Baroness Hayto and Betty Webb talk about gender parity in the workplace, sharing their own experiences and exploring what needs to be done to achieve equality across all industries, at all levels, and in all professions. Betty Webb, Baroness Haytor, Judith Holder 20 Mar 2018
52 Creative Commons Who Voted for Brexit? An evening with special guest speakers on the subject of Brexit. Andrew Oswald, Danny Dorling, Johanna Waters 22 Feb 2018
51 Associationism, Pluralism and Postliberalism: the theopolitical legacy of David Nicholls and current British politics 2014 David Nicholls Memorial Lecture, given by Professor John Milbank, University of Nottingham John Milbank 05 Nov 2014
50 Deadly Devices and Dangerous Drugs, the Secrets Behind Medical Research A talk hosted by Kellogg College and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University Museum of Natural History, as part of the University's Alumni Weekend. Carl Heneghan, Jeff Aronson, Deb Cohen, Ben Goldacre 03 Oct 2014
49 Creative Commons The Global Governance of International Migration: What Next? A panel discussion hosted by Kellogg College on Friday 29th November 2013. The panellists discuss the global governance of migration, migrant rights and development. Robin Cohen, Paul Collier, Ian Goldin, Cathryn Costello 17 Dec 2013
48 Creative Commons 'Is this what you call free'? The Caribbean after Slavery. Professor Gad Heuman, University of Warwick delivers the 2013 David Nicholls Memorial Trust Lecture. Gad Heuman 06 Nov 2013
47 Creative Commons Migration research at Oxford: Dr Evelyn Ersanilli In this podcast Farhan Samanani interviews MSc Migration Studies lecturer Dr Evelyn Ersanilli to find out more about her research, and the advantages of studying migration and working at the University of Oxford. Evelyn Ersanilli, Farhan Samanani 25 Jul 2013
46 Creative Commons A behavioural perspective of translating evidence to policy and practice Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology, UCL, gives a talk at Kellogg College for the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. Susan Michie 16 Jul 2013
45 Creative Commons Social Sustainability in Transport - Cinderella Shall Go To the Ball. This lecture by Dr Karen Lucas conceptualises the social dimensions of the sustainability paradigm and offers a discussion of why it is so important to achieve socially sustainable mobility in our towns and cities. Karen Lucas 12 Jul 2013
44 Creative Commons Dr Carl Heneghan and John Balla discuss the evidence relating to diagnostics Dr Carl Heneghan and John Balla discuss the evidence relating to diagnostics. Carl Heneghan, John Balla 26 Jun 2013
43 Postcolonial futures: the Caribbean in dialogue Dr Kevon Rhiney, Commonwealth Fellow and lecturer (Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies) considers contemporary social and economic development in Jamaica, in the light of environmental vulnerability and climate change. David Howard, Kevon Rhiney 12 Jun 2013
42 Learning and Work in Medieval England Did Medieval people go on learning through their adult life? If so, what kind of things did they learn about, who taught them, and how was it done? This lecture was delivered 23rd May 2013 as part of national Adult Learners' Week. Elizabeth Gemmill 29 May 2013
41 Creative Commons Decay The presentations focus on the importance of disappearance as much as appearance, presence as well as absence, and growth in the guise of degeneration, arguing from difference perspectives for the importance of malaise or corrosion as a subject of study. David Howard, Martin Neubert, Robert Vanderplank, Tara Stubbs 22 May 2013
40 Economics: which way now? Dr Martin Ruhs introduces the Department's expanding portfolio of economics courses, in the context of the on-going debate about where economics is headed, starting with the world economic downturn. Martin Ruhs 19 Dec 2012
39 Creative Commons Henry II and the Twelfth-Century World Dr Elizabeth Gemmill introduces the most remarkable monarch, Henry II, whose dominions stretched from the south west of France to the north of Britain. His achievements have lasted until our own times, but his reign was marred by tragedy too. Elizabeth Gemmill 19 Dec 2012
38 Creative Commons W.B. Yeats and the Ghost Club Dr Tara Stubbs uses exciting new research findings to discuss the close links between Yeats's attendances at the Ghost Club during the 1910s-1920s, his (sometimes amusing) spiritualist experiments, and his poetic works. Tara Stubbs 19 Dec 2012
37 Creative Commons Boulevards, Brushwork and Bugattis : Modern Art and Design in Paris In the nineteenth-century Paris was transformed into an alluring spectacle of cafés, department stores and exhibitions. Dr Claire O'Mahony looks at the inspiration of the modern city of light from Impressionist painters to the glamour of Art Deco. Claire O'Mahony 19 Dec 2012
36 Creative Commons From global credit-crunch to Eurocrisis and double-dip recession: whatever next? The 25 years up to the 2007-8 global credit crunch were ones of privatisation, deregulation, financialisation and, in the UK, demutualisation. Professor Jonathan Michie will discuss the causes and consequences of the global credit crunch. Jonathan Michie 19 Dec 2012
35 Goldilocks and the origin of animals - insights from the far north The Cambrian Explosion is one of the most spectacular episodes in Earth history, with the first traces of animals appearing in the fossil record at around 550 million years, and most modern major groups (phyla and classes) present by 510 Ma. Paul Smith 10 Dec 2012
34 Creative Commons Rethinking impact with social media Oxford-based researcher Nando Sigona started his blog "Postcards from..." in 2008. Since then his use of social media has expanded into Twitter and Podcasting to engage wider communities in his research on migration, asylum and minority issues. Nando Sigona 26 Nov 2012
33 Creative Commons Which technologies do Oxford University students use? Melissa Highton, University of Oxford, presents the findings of the DIGE Project which investigated the use of technology by students from Oxford. Melissa Highton 26 Nov 2012
32 'Lack of evidence' that popular sports products work Consumers could be wasting their money on sports drinks, protein shakes and high-end trainers, according to a new joint investigation by BBC Panorama and the British Medical Journal. Carl Heneghan 19 Oct 2012
31 Creative Commons Furnishings and Domestic Culture in early Modern England A seminar presentation on doctoral research, employing probate inventories for the Oxfordshire market town of Thame in the 17th century. Antony Buxton 15 Jun 2012
30 Creative Commons Unequal Mobility and its Social Consequences Dr Karen Lucas delivers a seminar as part of the 'Socio-spatial inequalities, transport and mobilities' seminar series held in the Transport Studies Unit during Hilary Term 2012. Karen Lucas 11 Apr 2012
29 Creative Commons John Milton Dr Anna Beer shares a few short extracts of Milton's poem Lycidas and discusses what they show about Milton's very special qualities as a writer. Anna Beer 15 Mar 2012
28 900 years of making a difference: the history of philanthropy at the University of Oxford Chris Day reflects on how generous philanthropic support from organisations and individuals has inspired the success of the University of Oxford. Chris Day 11 Oct 2011
27 'More than the Trip' and the role of transport in social exclusion and approaches to develop guidance for the implementation of accessibility planning as an integral part of local transport planning Dr Karen Lucas, Research Fellow in Transport, Accessibility and Social Exclusion at the TSU, delivers a keynote talk at the TDSA conference 'Micro transit: What? Where? Why?' conference, 18-19 August 2011, Brisbane, Australia. Karen Lucas 25 Aug 2011
26 Creative Commons Success of the Smelliest - Sexual attraction and pheromones Sexual attraction and pheromones? Dr. Tristram Wyatt talks about pheromones and evolution in a short talk about the "Success of the smelliest". Recorded as part of an ongoing series of short lectures. Tristram Wyatt 21 Mar 2011
25 Creative Commons Diagnostic Tests Dr Carl Heneghan delivers a talk for the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. Carl Heneghan 24 Feb 2011
24 Letters from Vienna - Freud's correspondence with Pastor Oskar Pfister Sacred Psychoanalysis: the place of religion and spirituality in contemporary psychoanalysis. Delivered by Dr Alistair Ross. Alistair Ross 16 Feb 2011
23 Young People do a lot of things with technology - does that include learning? For many young people, being able to use ICTs for learning at home is essential for their educational success - or so, at any rate, the argument goes. Is this in fact turning out to be the case? Delivered by Dr Chris Davies. Chris Davies 16 Feb 2011
22 Creative Commons Sustainable development and crime in the urban Caribbean David Howard (Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford) looks at larger concerns over social and spatial equity, conceptual approaches to sovereignty and the practical interpretation of sustainable forms of justice. David Howard 15 Dec 2010
21 Creative Commons Teaching Style: Is there such a thing and does it matter? A number of inventories have been developed for use by teachers in adult, continuing and higher education to promote and structure reflection on teaching. Delivered by Dr Adrian Stokes. Adrian Stokes 23 Nov 2010
20 Credit societies and the search for school fees in Uganda Presented at 'An Africanist's Legacy - A Workshop in Celebration of the Work of David Parkin' held at Oxford, 8-9 July 2010. Co-authored by Richard Vokes. David Mills 24 Aug 2010
19 Lessons from the truth and reconciliation process for 21st century challenges Archbishop Desmond Tutu delivers the 2010 Bynum Tudor lecture in which he draws from the experience of overcoming apartheid to point the way to justice and reconciliation in the Middle East. Desmond Tutu, Jonathan Michie, Chris Patten 04 Jun 2010
18 Creative Commons Taming the Casino Banks In this podcast the experts discuss whether the 'casino' banks that are considered too big to fail are simply too big, and explain the arguments for and against splitting them up. Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater, Linda Yueh 15 Mar 2010
17 Creative Commons Bank bonuses, breakups and regulation In the first podcast of 2010, the experts discuss bank bonuses, proposed break-ups and tighter regulation of the banking and financial sectors. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 28 Jan 2010
16 Learning Differently, Teaching Inclusively Dr David Mills presents from an academic viewpoint on the University of Oxford's efforts to promote an inclusive environment for learning. David Mills 05 Jan 2010
15 BODcast: P.D. James in conversation with Colin Dexter (short) Special footage celebrating the launch of Talking about Detective Fiction by PD James, the latest Bodleian Library publication. PD James is donating all royalties from the hardback edition to the Bodleian and hopes it will encourage further philanthropy. P. D. James, Colin Dexter 30 Sep 2009
14 BODcast: P.D. James in conversation with Colin Dexter (long) Special footage celebrating the launch of Talking about Detective Fiction by PD James, the latest Bodleian Library publication. PD James is donating all royalties from the hardback edition to the Bodleian and hopes it will encourage further philanthropy. P. D. James, Colin Dexter 30 Sep 2009
13 The Early Universe and Alzheimer's Pedro discusses the Big Bang and the early Universe, and Jonathan details Oxford's groundbreaking research of the genetics of Alzheimer's. Marcus du Sautoy, Frances Ashcroft, John Wood, Pedro Ferreira 03 Sep 2009
12 Creative Commons Challenging Macroeconomics In part 6, our experts examine new models for monetary and fiscal policy, global financial markets and a world economy characterised by global imbalances. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 11 Aug 2009
11 We're the people we've been waiting for Lord Puttnam discusses how education and learning will develop over the next decade and beyond, given the pace of change driven by digital technologies. He reflects on the impact of the recession and climate change on how we equip learners for the future. David Puttnam 12 Jun 2009
10 Creative Commons UK Budget and Global Recovery Plans In Part 5, our experts examine the British economy in light of the recent Budget, and assess whether a global recovery may be on the horizon. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie, Martin Slater 04 Jun 2009
9 Pheromones and Diabetes In the third edition of Inside Oxford Science zoologist Dr Tristram Wyatt explores the science of pheromones and Professor Frances Ashcroft tells us about her role in basic research into diabetes. Marcus du Sautoy, Frances Ashcroft, John Wood, Pedro Ferreira 26 May 2009
8 Challenges and opportunities in a changing world Dr Kohn is a pharmacologist, entrepreneur and a musician. In his lecture he drew on his experience throughout his distinguished career, combining his love of music and his life as a baritone of professional standing with that of a medical scientist. Ralph Kohn 05 May 2009
7 Creative Commons G20: Solutions to Global Depression? In this fourth podcast Linda Yueh and Jonathan Michie discuss the G20 debates over co-ordinated fiscal expansion, global regulation, and the role of the IMF. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 31 Mar 2009
6 Societies in Transition: The Neanderthal-Modern Human Transition Chris Stringer, Research Leader in the Paleontology department at the Natural History Museum, discusses skeletal, DNA and behavioural evidence that sheds light on the transition between neanderthals and modern humans. Chris Stringer 24 Mar 2009
5 Creative Commons Credit Crunch Live Economics students of St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford pose questions to a panel of experts about the credit crunch and global recession. Linda Yueh, Martin Slater, Outi Aarnio, John Knight 25 Feb 2009
4 Creative Commons Bank Bail-outs and Obama's Green New Deal In this second podcast, Linda Yueh and Jonathan Michie discuss President Obama's Green New Deal, banking bail-outs, quantitative easing and whether we can spend our way out of the economic crisis. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 28 Jan 2009
3 Creative Commons Global Recession: How Did it Happen? Linda Yueh talks to Jonathan Michie about the credit crunch and looming global recession, the effect it has had on both banks and businesses, and how a Green New Deal may provide a solution to the crisis. Linda Yueh, Jonathan Michie 22 Dec 2008
2 Introduction to the software life-cycle Introductory lecture, given by Dr Raymond Flood, for the summer school part of the online diploma in computing. Raymond Flood 11 Sep 2008
1 If I were you, I wouldn't start from here: understanding Oxford through its past Local history lecture, by Chris Day, giving an overview of the history of the University of Oxford. Chris Day 01 Sep 2008