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Ivriot - עבריות

בהסכית החדש של המרכז ללימודי יהדות מדברות המורה אסתר, והתלמידה אליסיה על השפה העברית, אנחנו לומדות אחת מהשנייה מילים חדשות ואיך באמת מדברים בישראל. A new podcast from the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. We speak in Hebrew and about Hebrew, where do words came from into Hebrew, how we say and why we say. Idioms, expressions and slang. Esther And Alicia talk about Where Yiddish meets Acadian and five millennia of human language mix to create modern Hebrew. Hosts: Esther Yadgar, Alicia Vergara.

# Episode Title Description People Date
2 Giving compliments in Hebrew There are many ways to be polite. Hebrew manners are very different than English ones to say the least. In today's episode we will learn what is and isn't appropriate to say in different circumstances. Esther Yadgar, Alicia Vergara 19 Apr 2024
1 Creative Commons Chapter One: frayer -- פראייר In this chapter we will talk about the word that means "someone who was slightly conned". We'll talk about the origin of the word, how to use it and when. Esther Yadgar, Alicia Vergara 04 Jul 2022