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Immunology is the study of the body's defence mechanisms, from the barrier of skin to the workings of the cellular immune system. Our Immunology podcasts describe the work of NDM researchers to understand the molecular processes of the immune system, and its role in infection, inflammation, and disease.

# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Creative Commons Atherosclerosis and immunity by Professor Chris O'Callaghan Professor Chris O'Callaghan tells us about the role of our immune system in vascular disease. Chris O’Callaghan 11 Jun 2013
5 Creative Commons Structural cell biology of virus infection Professor Kay Grunewald tells us how structural cell biology can help us understand virus infection. Kay Grunewald 29 Apr 2013
4 Cutaneous immunology Professor Graham Ogg talks about the role of our skin as a barrier against infection. Graham Ogg 29 Apr 2013
3 Creative Commons The lymphatic system in immunity and cancer Professor David Jackson tells us about the role of the lymphatic system in immunity and cancer. David Jackson 29 Apr 2013
2 Molecular immunology Dr Christian Eggeling tells us how new imaging methods help us understand immunology at the molecular level. Christian Eggeling 29 Apr 2013
1 Creative Commons Iron Metabolism Dr Hal Drakesmith tells us how his work on iron availability can help us fight infections. Hal Drakesmith 15 Mar 2011