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HIV is one of the worst epidemics in human history, and has had a devastating impact on populations worldwide. Our HIV podcasts describe the leading efforts by NDM researchers to develop new treatments and possible vaccines for HIV, as well as to understand and prevent its transmission, to help reduce the global HIV disease burden and improve outcomes for patients worldwide.

# Episode Title Description People Date
7 Creative Commons Reducing HIV Men who have sex with men (MSM) are a stigmatised group in Africa, but a predominant actor in the transmission of HIV. Eduard Sanders 04 Feb 2016
6 Creative Commons Can we eradicate HIV? Dr John Frater talks about his research into finding a cure for HIV. John Frater 12 Dec 2012
5 Creative Commons How can we live with HIV? Dr Lucy Dorrell tells us how our immune system controls HIV and how we can live with this virus. Lucy Dorrell 10 Jan 2012
4 Creative Commons Aiming for a HIV vaccine Professor Sir Andrew McMichael tells us about recent developments in the search for a vaccine against HIV. Andrew McMichael 13 Sep 2011
3 Creative Commons HIV and children in Africa Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones tells us about her work on HIV with children in Africa. Sarah Rowland-Jones 07 Feb 2012
2 Creative Commons HIV Vaccine Development Professor Tomas Hanke tells us about his research on HIV vaccine development. Tomas Hanke 22 May 2012
1 Creative Commons HIV immunology for Vaccine Design Dr Seph Borrow tells us how her research on HIV Immunology helps design better vaccines. Seph Borrow 01 Nov 2011