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Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship podcast series provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share their vision on how innovation can help solve global health problems and what lessons these entrepreneurs have learnt during their journey. The series draws on the experience from health entrepreneurs around the world and will appeal to health leaders who believe that innovation can increase the number of healthy life years for the populations they serve.

# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Prashant Warier and Qure.ai Integrating Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging for increased accuracy, accessibility, and affordability. Prashant Warier 12 Jan 2024
5 Anna Shuh and Seren Offering a 10$ DNA based diagnostic test for blood disorders and cancer. Anna Shuh 12 Jan 2024
4 Bahbak Miremadi and Elephant Health Implementing a digital platform for essential health packages and universal health coverage. Bahbak Miremadi 12 Jan 2024
3 Maximilian Mancini and Ilara Health Developing a franchise offering for primary health centres in Kenya. Maximilian Mancini 12 Jan 2024
2 Valentina Milanova and Daye Using tampons for STI diagnosis and pain period treatment. Valentina Milanova 12 Jan 2024
1 Conrad Tankou and GICMED Use of smart speculum device to screen and diagnose cervical cancer in Cameroon. Conrad Tankou 12 Jan 2024