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Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

The Faculty is one of the leading centres for the study of European language, literature, and culture world-wide, offering expertise in the entire chronological range from the earliest times to the present day, and with specialists in film studies, cultural studies, and cultural history as well as languages and literatures.

# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Claudia Piñeiro in Conversation The writer Claudia Piñeiro, one of the most widely acclaimed Argentine authors of recent years, talks about her work with Ben Bollig of the Spanish sub-Faculty of the University of Oxford. Claudia Piñeiro, Ben Bollig 17 Jun 2021
7 Creative Commons If Venice Dies - Italian Studies at Oxford Lecture Salvatore Settis' English talk is on Venice and the future of historic cities (9 June 2015). Salvatore Settis 30 Jul 2015
6 Studying Medieval and Modern Languages at St Hilda's College Helen Swift talks to Lucia Nixon, Tutor for Admissions, about why to study Medieval and Modern Languages at St Hilda's College. Helen Swift, Lucia Nixon 04 Apr 2014
5 Creative Commons Freemasons versus Jesuits: Conspiracy Theories in Enlightenment Germany Inaugural lecture by Ritchie Robertson as Taylor Professor of the German Language and Literature. Ritchie Robertson 29 May 2012
4 Creative Commons Cristian Aliaga: Your Virtues Are Your Faults. Poetry Reading (Spanish and English) A reading by Cristian Aliaga, one of Argentina's outstanding contemporary poets, given at St. John's College, Oxford, on 3 November, 2011. English translations are read by Ben Bollig, Lecturer in Spanish American Literature. Cristian Aliaga, Ben Bollig 25 Jan 2012
3 Creative Commons Reflections on the European Crisis Dr José Cutileiro (Special Adviser to the President of the European Commission) delivers a lecture for the Centre for Portuguese Language / Instituto Camões of Oxford. José Cutileiro 08 Dec 2011
2 Round table discussion of Clarice Lispector (Brazilian-Portugese) Discussion and audience questions (in Brazilian-Portugese) about Clarice Lispector's film De Corpo Inteiro and her reception at home and abroad. Nicole Algranti, Teresa Montero Ferreira, Claire Williams 25 Jan 2010
1 Men Defending Women in Late Medieval France An interview with Dr Helen Swift about her book; Gender, Writing, and Performance: Men Defending Women in Late Medieval France as well as other developments in Medieval Literary Studies. Helen Swift, Landon Newby 04 Apr 2014