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Epidemics and Vaccines

Vaccines save millions of lives each year; however, some of the world's worst diseases are still difficult to prevent. Our series of podcasts on Epidemics and Vaccines detail the research within NDM to combat diseases such as hepatitis, influenza and tuberculosis, through development of novel vaccines and vaccine delivery mechanisms and strategies. Developing countries and vulnerable populations are a particular focus of some of this work.

# Episode Title Description People Date
13 Creative Commons Evolution and pathogenicity of viruses Professor Peter Simmonds studies the epidemiology, evolution and emergence of a wide range of human pathogenic viruses. Peter Simmonds 02 Nov 2016
12 Creative Commons Tropical Immunology Melioidosis is a neglected tropical disease, and a major infectious killer in South East Asia. Melioidosis particularly affects people with diabetes. Susanna Dunachie 02 Dec 2015
11 Creative Commons Emerging Infectious Diseases Professor Peter Horby is Senior Clinical Research Fellow. His research focusses on epidemic diseases such as Ebola and bird flu, and crosses the disciplines of basic science, medical science and public health. Peter Horby 11 Mar 2015
10 Creative Commons Virus entry Virus entry Sergi Padilla-Parra 10 Dec 2014
9 Tuberculous meningitis Tuberculous Meningitis Guy Thwaites 10 Dec 2014
8 Creative Commons Structural biology and vaccines Structure of viruses Dave Stuart 10 Dec 2014
7 Creative Commons Viruses, how to be the perfect host Professor Paul Klenerman talks about our relationship with persistent viruses, such as Hepatitis C. Paul Klenerman 12 Dec 2011
6 Creative Commons Hepatitis C vaccine Dr Ellie Barnes talks about her research on Hepatitis C and her work on a T cell vaccine. Ellie Barnes 03 Apr 2012
5 Creative Commons Universal Flu Vaccine Dr Richard Antrobus talks about his research in the development of a universal flu vaccines. Richard Antrobus 26 Jun 2012
4 Creative Commons Viral vectored vaccine development Professor Sarah Gilbert talks about her work on viral vectored vaccines. Sarah Gilbert 14 Nov 2012
3 Creative Commons Tuberculosis Professor Helen McShane talks about her work on a new vaccine against tuberculosis. Helen McShane 01 Mar 2011
2 Creative Commons Can we eradicate Tuberculosis? Dr Helen Fletcher talks about progress in the development of a vaccine against tuberculosis. Helen Fletcher 12 Jun 2012
1 Creative Commons How the immune system detects flu virus Dr Jan Rehwinkel talks about the role of our innate immune system in our fight against flu virus. Jan Rehwinkel 22 Mar 2013