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Diplomacy and culture at the Ottoman Court

Looking at the history and politics of diplomacy at the Ottoman Court in Istanbul (Constantinople) during the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries.

# Episode Title Description People Date
6 Creative Commons Cultures of Diplomacy at the Ottoman Court: An Introduction Discusses recent developments in how we think about early modern diplomatic history and why we should look at all diplomacy taking place in a particular court. Tracey Sowerby 07 Apr 2017
5 Creative Commons European Ambassadors and Non-European Embassies in Constantinople Discusses the extent to which European diplomats at the Ottoman court interacted with and learned about embassies from beyond Europe. Tracey Sowerby 07 Apr 2017
4 Creative Commons Diplomacy at Constantinople in Comparative Perspective Using diplomatic reports, this talk discusses the cultural relativism at play when diplomats moved between the Ottoman court and other Islamic courts in India and north Africa. Tracey Sowerby 07 Apr 2017
3 Creative Commons Beyond the Topkapi Palace: Space, Status and Commensurability in the Venetian Diplomatic Experience Maxwell Hudson discusses how diplomacy at the Ottoman court was marked by ceremonies across the city and in everyday interactions between ambassadors and Ottoman officials. Maxwell Hudson 07 Apr 2017
2 Creative Commons Art and Diplomacy: Peter Coeke Van Aelst's Journey Constantinople Talitha Schepers discusses the images that Pieter Coecke van Aelst produced of the court of Suleiman I and their links to diplomacy. Talitha Schepers 07 Apr 2017
1 Creative Commons The Benefits of Permanent Diplomacy: Two Foreign Attempts to Influence Ottoman-Spanish Relations in the Second half of the 16th Century Aneliya Stoyanova discusses dynastic diplomacy at the Ottoman court by analysing the co-operation between the Spanish and Austrian branches of the Habsburg dynasty. Aneliya Stoyanova 07 Apr 2017